Cash Handling & Banking

The following are the cash handling and banking policies and procedures:

Bank Accounts The purpose of this policy is to set out a mandatory process for opening, maintaining and closing accounts with chartered banks and other financial institutions for Dalhousie University purposes. This policy applies to all accounts to be used for the benefit of, or in connection with, any Dalhousie University program or activity including but not limited to, those related to any faculty, department, unit, committee, project, estimate, initiative, service, conference, venture or undertaking. This policy applies all such accounts regardless of whether the account is opened under the name "Dalhousie University". [PDF - 9 KB]
Nov 2001
Cash Handling Policy These instructions address the policy and procedures for the custody, safe keeping and accounting for cash received by Dalhousie University. [PDF - 13 KB]
Mar 2005
External Debt Policy
To define responsibilities for the approval of new University external capital debt (borrowing) and reporting thereon and to provide guidelines on the limits of external capital debt incurred by the University. [PDF - 115 KB] June 2017
Petty Cash Policy and Procedures To communicate our responsibility for the effective use and security of Dalhousie University's petty cash funds. This policy informs units and individuals on the use of petty cash, their responsibilities in preventing loss and/or discrepancies in the balance of petty cash fund, and satisfying financial audit requirements through compliance with established procedures. [PDF - 25 KB]
Dec 2005
Expendable Funds The purpose of this policy is to provide operating guidelines which will facilitate effective management of Dalhousie's cash balances. [PDF - 38 KB]
Sept 2014