Simulations and Student Learning: Environmental Governance

This simulation aims to teach students about the challenges of international environmental negotiations by recreating the negotiations that led to the introduction of the new Sustainable Development Goals. The simulation asks students to adopt the role and position of nation state or a multilateral organization and engage in a multi-day negotiation that incorporates in-class and online components. For more information contact Dr. Matthew Schnurr at

Simulations and Student Learning: Management

This simulation uses the example of the Weinstein Company to teach MBA students about organisational structures. Students adopt a range of stakeholders that are internal and external to the company and create a portfolio to analyse and asses the actions taken by the company in comparison to the industry standards. For more information contact Dr. Binod Sundararajan at

Simulations and Student Learning: Law

This simulated negotiation gives law students an opportunity to experience how climate agreements are negotiated at the provincial and federal level. Each student adopts the position of a Canadian province. They must reflect on and incorporate their jurisdictional responsibilities as well as commitments Canada has made under the Paris climate agreement. For more information contact Dr. Meinhard Doelle at