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Jump into the unknown

Discover cities, countries and the world through your own lens. From talking to people on the street to analyzing data from millions of people, SoSA offers various tools of discovery.


Undergraduate program: Sociology & Social Anthropology

Top 5 reasons to study SoSA at Dalhousie:

  1. Two disciplines in one: The Sociology and Social Anthropology program offers two distinct intellectual and methodological ways to look at people and societies.
  2. Want social change? We have a strong commitment to scholarship engaged in issues of social justice, inequality and power relations in society.
  3. Go local or go global: Our faculty immerse you in world cultures through their research in North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa.
  4. Big picture: SoSA examines societies in an interdisciplinary way, combining politics, economics, statistics, history and philosophy.
  5. Travels well: Our graduates practice social science in all sorts of industries: non-profits, government, media, health, politics and law—to name a few.

Career options

Alumni: Benson

As a social scientist you'll be able to use the fundamental skills taught in the program to support a variety of professions in many sectors.

Research opportunities

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Finish your program with a research project for first-hand practice in being a sociologist or social anthropologist.