Undergraduate program: Sociology & Social Anthropology

Top 5 reasons to study SoSA at Dalhousie:

  1. Two disciplines in one: The Sociology and Social Anthropology program offers two distinct intellectual and methodological ways to look at people and societies.
  2. Want social change? We have a strong commitment to scholarship engaged in issues of social justice, inequality and power relations in society.
  3. Go local or go global: Our faculty immerse you in world cultures through their research in North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa.
  4. Big picture: SoSA examines societies in an interdisciplinary way, combining politics, economics, statistics, history and philosophy.
  5. Travels well: Our graduates practice social science in all sorts of industries: non-profits, government, media, health, politics and law—to name a few.

Career options

Alumni: Benson

As a social scientist you'll be able to use the fundamental skills taught in the program to support a variety of professions in many sectors.

Research opportunities

Students studying

Finish your program with a research project for first-hand practice in being a sociologist or social anthropologist.