Why take Law, Justice and Society at Dal?

Discover how the law shapes society and society shapes the law

Explore your interests in this interdisciplinary program that provides an introduction to the study of law, an overview of the Canadian legal system, an opportunity to examine the role of law in society and an opportunity to investigate law as a potential career.

Degree overview

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts, BA
Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Campus: Studley Campus, Halifax
Program Length: 4 years
Program Start: September & January

What will I learn?

In this program, you'll gain an interdisciplinary perspective from experts in fields as diverse as anthropology, history, politics, sociology and philosophy. You'll participate in a wide range of discussions, debates, and activities and examine the role of practical reason in answering complex moral and sometimes controversial questions related to law and policy making. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in experiential learning and practicum placement courses.

In addition to a few core requirements that ensure a solid multi-disciplinary basis for the study of law and justice in society, you'll have a wide choice of electives.

Sample courses:

  • Introduction to Law
  • Human Rights: Foundations
  • The Processes of Justice

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Careers and future study

You'll be prepared to work in a wide variety of fields including business, non-profits, education, health, and the public sector. With additional education you could practice law as well. You could find yourself in any of the following careers:

  • criminologist
  • probation officer
  • correctional treatment specialist
  • criminal profiler
  • court reporter/author

Future studies could include programs at the graduate level or you might choose to complete a professional degree in law.

Admission requirements

Undergraduate admission requirements vary based on your previous education and your intended program of study at Dalhousie. Learn about our admissions requirements, book a campus tour, or connect with an advisor if you have questions about your eligibility for admission.

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