Program snapshot

Top 6 reasons to choose Italian Studies at Dal:

  1. Cultural importance: Italy's cultural influence spans antiquity to the present, of which the Roman period and the Renaissance might be the two most influential eras.
  2. Scientific language: Taking Italian as a minor is useful to students of medicine, sciences and mathematics.
  3. Italian for business: Think of the advantage to being able to connect with trendsetters in design, couture, cuisine, manufacturing, shipbuilding and robotics.
  4. Literary tradition: Read some of the world's most famous writers in the original language, from Dante and Boccaccio, to Verga, Pirandello, and Gramsci, to name a few.
  5. Beauty:  It's wonderful to listen to and a delight to speak. There are an estimated 63-million Italian speakers in the world to talk to.
  6. Italian Studies Student Society: Our society recently won two university awards. Students organize movie screenings, dinners, poetry readings, performances and parties.

What will I learn?

Italian student

Learn to speak and write in one of the world's most beautiful languages. Our courses immerse you in Italian culture, civilization, literature, music and history.

Study abroad

Macerata landscape

We offer two opportunities to study in Italy: an exchange in Macerata, and a summer program in Urbino. Read about alumna Rachel Dragland's month in Urbino.