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DISP students take a break on a rock

Don’t forget your rubber boots!

Weekly field trips in September and October take you to a variety of coastal sites in Nova Scotia, where you’ll get to explore many of the concepts you’re learning in class through hands-on activities.



Providing an excellent foundation

Emphasis on scientific research methods and communication skills, along with a broad introduction to the sciences and experience with a wide range of techniques, makes Dal’s Integrated Science program an excellent foundation for any of the sciences.



Opening you up to a world of possibilities

From medical professionals like doctors and dentists to academic researchers and scientists, our Integrated Science program will give you a great head start in your career by helping you develop a large suite of transferable skills.


Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to study DISP at Dalhousie:

  1. One of a kind: It’s the only program in Canada where you study Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Math, Physics, Psychology and Statistics as a first-year BSc student.
  2. Solid foundation: It will prepare you for a wider range of second-year courses than is possible for regular BSc students at Dal.
  3. Jump right in: You'll conduct scientific research in your first year of university.
  4. Tight-knit group: You'll be part of a small group of keen science students and have more opportunities to interact with instructors and classmates.
  5. Hands-on learning: Develop transferrable skills while enjoying a wide range of activities.
  6. It’s all tied together: You will discover the links between science disciplines and learn to think across discipline boundaries.
  7. Field trips: Visit a variety of coastal sites in weekly field trips in September and October.

What will I learn?


Conduct real research in your first year of study as part of an interdisciplinary team under the supervision of a Dal scientist.

What can I do?


From biomedical sciences to life sciences, you’ve got four great options for this well-rounded integrated sciences program.