Program Snapshot

Top 5 reasons to study Cinema and Media at Dalhousie:

  1. Learn more about the dominant form of entertainment in the modern world, and why cinema’s impact is so important and so relevant.
  2. Become skilled in audiovisual analysis, a highly transferable skill within our multimedia culture, and in any field dealing with audiovisual media.
  3. Gain new perspectives on the world by viewing society through the lenses of the world’s greatest directors and cinematographers.
  4. Encounter a wide variety of forms of critical analysis through our varied courses: formal, ideological, historical, and political.
  5. Learn active critical thinking and writing skills.

What will I learn?

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Learn the art of audiovisual analysis; study film history from its beginnings to the present day; discover a wide variety of genres, directors, and national cinemas; experience a variety of methods of study.

What can I do?

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Taking classes in the Cinema and Media Studies program could help lead you to a variety of careers related to film or the film industry, whether you’re interested in making or writing about films.