Research units & facilities

Labs Principal Investigator Contact information
Language and Literacy Lab Helene Deacon 494-3229
Invertebrate Lab Shelley Adamo 494-8853
Substance Use and Addictions Lab Sean Barrett 494-4596
Behavioural Genetics Lab Richard Brown 494-2036
Centre for Pediatric Pain Research Christine Chambers 470-8877
Better Days and Better Nights Sleep Lab Penny Corkum 494-5177
Vision Group
Nathan Crowder 494-6025
Vision Group Kevin Duffy 494-3944
Canine Behaviour Laboratory Simon Gadbois 494-8848
Early Learning Lab Sophie Jacques 494-8055
Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology Shannon Johnson 494-4504
Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory Ray Klein 494-6551
Cognitive Health and Recovery Lab Gail Eskes
Savvy Statistics Sean MacKinnon
Transdiagnostic Addiction Lab Igor Yakovenko 494-1074
Laboratory of Invertebrate Neurobiology Ian Meinertzhagen 494-3746
Early Social Development Laboratory Chris Moore 494-6106
Neurocognitive Imaging Laboratory Aaron Newman 494-1911
Couples and Sexual Health Laboratory
Natalie Rosen 494-4223
Personality Research Team Simon Sherry 494-7719
Addictions and Mental Health Sherry Stewart 494-3793