Why do your PhD in Physiology & Biophysics at Dal?

Expand your options

Gain the skills you need to become a strong independent researcher or university professor. By the time you complete your PhD in Physiology and Biophysics, you’ll be able to:

  • conduct original research in physiology and biophysics
  • publish your results in internationally recognized, peer-reviewed journals
  • present your work at national and international scientific meetings
  • deliver graduate level and undergraduate level lectures and tutorials

Program Details

PhD in Physiology & Biophysics

Degree requirements

Successful completion of our PhD program will require you to:

  • complete formal course work
  • pass a comprehensive examination
  • conduct original research
  • write and defend a thesis

You’ll also need to:

  • take an advanced-level human physiology course (if you achieved a B or lower in an upper-level human physiology course)
  • participate in PHYL 5517X/Y (Physiology & Biophysics Graduate Seminar course)
  • present at least two department seminars
  • attend seminars
  • maintain a minimum grade of B- in all classes
  • teach an undergraduate physiology course

Choose a research supervisor

Highly qualified Canadian and international students are encouraged to apply to our graduate program. The following faculty members have indicated that they have a position available for a graduate student during the academic year 2014/2015:

Valerie Chappe
Email: valerie.chappe@dal.ca

Roger Croll
Email: roger.croll@dal.ca

Xianping Dong
Email: xpdong@dal.ca

Alan Fine
Email: a.fine@dal.ca

Paul Linsdell
Email: paul.linsdell@dal.ca

Francois Tremblay
Email: f.tremblay@dal.ca

Important dates

Canadian students

September admission: June 1

January admission: October 31
May admission:
February 28

International students

September admission: April 1
January admission:
August 31
May admission:
December 31

Transfer from MSc to PhD program

Transferal to the PhD program without the completion of an MSc requires the approval of the PhD supervisor, the MSc Supervisory Committee and the Graduate Education Committee. Approval will depend on the following factors:

  • your grades
  • whether required courses are in progress or completed
  • whether suitable research has been carried out
  • whether a suitable PhD proposal has been made

Thesis work

This program requires you to research, present and defend an original thesis that’s worthy of publication in a respected national journal. You’ll be expected to publish as least three full-length papers from this work.

Graduate handbook

For full details on both graduate programs available in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics, download our graduate  handbook [PDF - 175 kB].