Fieldwork fundamentals

As a Dalhousie Occupational Therapy student, you’ll complete your fieldwork in four parts, over two years.

OCCU 5112   The students gain first hand experience of the personal and environmental factors that influence occupational development, participation and engagement of individuals/groups in this first part-time, community-based fieldwork learning experience. Students participate in community programs and reflect in small group tutorials with licensed occupational therapists to link their fieldwork experiences to their growing professional knowledge. Course learning objectives, integrated with learning opportunities available at community organizations, provide structure for developing the core professional skills of professional behaviours/responsibilities and communication. Students also have the opportunity to learn observation skills, professional/clinical reasoning, peer learning and feedback, self-directed learning and collaboration skills.
OCCU 5222

At the end of first year, students start their first full-time fieldwork placement. Although many students are placed in Atlantic Canada, there may be fieldwork opportunities available in other provinces.

OCCU 6111   

The second full-time fieldwork course is completed during the winter term of year two. It’s an eight-week placement.

OCCU 6222  

This final fieldwork placement occurs after OCCU 6111 as an eight-week placement.