Dr. Brent Johnston, department head and professor
Phone: 902-494-5131
Email: Brent.Johnston@Dal.Ca

Shaylagh MacKay, administrative assistant
Phone: 902-494-3630

Please contact Shaylagh for assistance regarding;

  • MICI library room bookings
  • Department Head’s schedule and approvals  
  • lab requests for teaching lab & wash up invoices
  • general departmental requests
  • travel and reimbursement claims

Andrea Monjo, department administrator
Phone: 902-431-4007

Please contact Andrea for assistance regarding:

  • HR: Recruitment, hiring, payment, and management of staff
  • academic recruiting
  • appointments, tenure, and promotion
  • management of department financials
  • grant financial management
  • special projects

Janna Disha, undergraduate studies secretary and website co-ordinator

Please contact Janna for assistance regarding:

  • MICI Department undergraduate program
  • undergraduate academic advising appointments
  • administrative assistance to undergraduate students, courses, and course coordinators
  • undergraduate student awards
  • MICI website inquiries

Xiaodi Lu, graduate studies secretary
Phone: 902-431-4005

Please contact Xiaodi for assistance regarding:

  • MICI Department Graduate Program
  • graduate admissions
  • administrative assistance to graduate students, courses, and course coordinators
  • graduate student awards and stipends
  • seminar
Dr. Jeanette Boudreau, website co-ordinator
Phone: 902-494-4536
Qing Zhang, technician, teaching laboratory
Phone: 902-494-3718