Which courses do you need for your MSc?

Required courses

You must complete the following four core courses, a thesis development seminar and a thesis:

EPAH 5010.03: Principles of Epidemiology and Population Health
EPAH 5019.03: Principles of Biostatistics
EPAH 6020.03: Advanced Epidemiology
EPAH 6019.03: Biostatistical Modeling
EPAH 7000.00: MSc Thesis Devleopment Seminar
EPAH 9000.00: MSc Thesis

Elective courses

You must complete three electives courses:

  • Can be one of the following elective courses offered by the department
  • Can be one of the graduate level electives offered by other departments (with permission from our Graduate Coordinator)
EPAH 5000.03: Population Health
EPAH 5040.03: Introduction to Health Services Research and Policy
EPAH 6001.03: Environmental and Occupational Health
EPAH 6003.03: Introduction to Global Health
EPAH 6010.03: Community Health Practicum 
EPAH 6024.03: Methods in Clinical Trials
EPAH 6049.03: An Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-analysis in Health Care
EPAH 6052.03: Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
EPAH 6054.03: Use and Analysis of Secondary Data
EPAH 6056.03: Introduction to Health Data Science Analytics: Applied Machine learning and statistical learning in Epidemiology
EPAH 6060.03: Directed Readings/Studies
EPAH 6080.03: Measurement in Epidemiological Research
EPAH 6090.03: Clinical Epidemiology Research Methods
EPAH 6410.03: Applied Research in Health Data Science
EPAH 6450.03/PUAD 6450.03: Economics of Health Policy

Which courses do you need for your PhD?

Required courses

In addition to the following requirements you must also complete six credit hours of elective courses:

EPAH 8020.06: Epidemiology and Applied Health Research (core course)
EPAH 8040.00: PhD Professional Development Seminar
EPAH 8050.00: PhD Placement
EPAH 9520.00: PhD Compreensive Exam

EPAH 9520.00: PhD Thesis

Elective courses

In addition to the requirements above you must also complete six credit hours of elective courses.

Please note: Not all courses are offered every year. Please consult the current timetable for this year's offering.