Student theses

For their thesis projects, our students have researched everything from Aristotle and ethics to the neoplatonic foundations of St. Augustine. Below, by category, are the names of students' recent thesis projects as well as what the students have gone on to do.

MA alumni who went on to a PhD

Below are the names of recent master's students who have gone on to do a PhD program (including institution and discipline)

Evan King: "Bonum non est in Deo: On the Indistinction of the One and the Exclusion of the Good in Meister Eckhart." University of Cambridge (Divinity)

Emma Curran: "Golden Age Imagery and the Artistic Philosophy of Ovid’s Metamorphoses." Princeton University (Classics)

Will Cochran: "The Doctrine of Due Measure in Plato’s Statesman." Northwestern University (Philosophy)

Chris Gibson: "Logos in Plato’s Theaetetus and Sophist." University of Ottawa (Philosophy)

Luke Togni: "The Unity of Substance in Aristotle’s Metaphysics Λ." Marquette University (Theology)

Emily Parker: "Swiftly Runs the Word: Philo’s Doctrine of Mediation in De Vita Mosis." Trinity College, Dublin (Near & Middle Eastern Studies)

Megan Falconer: "Charisma and Versatility: Alcibiades's Source of Power." University of Alberta (Classics)

Tim Riggs: "Eros as Cosmic and Hierarchical Principle: Christ and the Socratic Hierarch in the Thought of Dionysius the Areopagite." University of Jyväskylä (Department of History and Ethnology)

Simon Fortier: "The Proclan Theodicy." Université Laval, (Philosophy)

Carolyn MacDonald: "Poetic Infidelities in Catullus’ Carmina docta." Stanford University (Classics)

Benjamin Lee: "The Discovery of Mens and the Unity of Self-Cognition in St. Augustine's De Trinitate X." Dalhousie University (Classics)

Kristen Slonsky: "The Manipulation of Fear in Julius Caesar’s Bellum Gallicum." University of Buffalo (Classics)

Andra Striowski: "Plato and Aristotle on Philia." University of Ottawa (Philosophy)

Bethie Baxter: "Sappho and Socrates and the Nature of Eros." Boston University (Classics)

Martin Sastri: "The Spiritual Senses in St. Augustine and Their Neoplatonic  Foundations." University of Notre Dame (Medieval Institute)

Rebecca Coughlin: "Oeoyptia and Oeopia: Divine Activity in Dionysius the Areopagite." McGill University (Religious Studies)

Colin Webster: "On Tragic and Socratic Irony." Columbia University (Classics)

James Bryson: "The Question of the Unity of the Intellect for Albertus Magnus, Siger of Brabant, and Thomas Aquinas." University of Cambridge; Post-doctoral fellowship at McGill University

Matthew Wood: "The first actuality: Interpretations of the De Anima in Enneads IV.7 and V.3: Plotinus, Aristotle and Alexander of Aphrodisias." University of Ottawa (Philosophy)

Michael Sampson: "Contrast in Sophokles’ Trachiniai." University of Michigan (Classics). Teaching position at the University of Manitoba.

Conor Barry: "The Aporiai of the Parmenides: A Prelude to the Philosophical Dialectic." University of Ottawa (Philosophy)

Emily Varto: "The Funeral Legislation of Solon and the Pursuit of Eunomia." University of British Columbia (Classics). Teaching position at Dalhousie University.

Adam Labecki: "The One and the Many." University of Kentucky (Philosophy)

David Butorac: "The Neoplatonic Prehistory of Augustine’s Doctrine on the Trinity." University of Leuven (Philosophy). Teaching position at Fatih University.

Eli Diamond: "Plato's Sophist and Its Neoplatonic Interpretation." Northwestern University (Philosophy). Teaching position at Dalhousie University.

Matthew Robinson: "Augustine’s Treatment of Time in Context: A Commentary on Book 11 of St. Augustine’s Confessions." Boston College (Philosophy), Teaching position at St. Thomas University.

Michael Fournier: "Language and Vision in the Proslogion of Saint Anselm." Boston College (Philosophy), Teaching position at Dalhousie University.

Nicholas Thorne: "Plato and Thucydides: Two Accounts of a Revolution." University of Pittsburgh (Classics)

Stephen Blackwood: "The Role of Prayer in Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy." Emory University (Religion)

Hans Feichtinger: "'Mediatorem ergo quaerunt' (S.Dolb. 26.37): A Comparative Study of Iamblichus and Augustine on the Human Need for Mediation." Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum

James Chlup: "Nulla unquam res publica maior: The Recreation of the Early Roman Republic in Ab Urbe Condita II-V." Durham University (Classics). Teaching position at the University of Manitoba.

Catherine Tracy (formerly Feeley): "Poeta Levis? Ovid’s Elegiac Nequitia." University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Teaching position at Bishop’s University.

Corey Owen: "The Landscape of Salvation in Plotinus, Origen, and St. Gregory of Nyssa." Dalhousie University (English). Teaching position at the University of Saskatchewan.

Lawrence-Bruce Robertson: "A commentary on book Alpha Elatton of Aristotle’s Metaphysics." Cornell University (Philosophy). Teaching position at Memorial University, Grenfell Campus.

Some distinguished MAs

Paige Hochschild (formerly Davidson): "Et ex qua parte stet victoria nescio: A Commentary on Book X of Augustine’s Confessions." University of Durham (Theology). Teaching position at Mount St. Mary’s University.

Phillip Corkum: "Et mirum si non ipsius animi: On Augustine, Confessions, Book XI." University of California, Los Angeles. Teaching position at the University of Alberta.

Larry Michael Harrington: "Human Mediation in Eriugena’s Periphyseon." Boston College (Philosophy). Teaching position at Duquesne University.

Kyle Fraser: "Chorismos, Being and the Unity of the Forms in the Sophist." University of Cambridge. Teaching position at the University of King’s College.

Neil Robertson: "A Commentary on Plato’s Symposium, University of Cambridge, Teaching position at the University of King’s College.

Peter O’Brien: "Lampra Symbaine: The Unity of Sophocles’ Trachiniae." Boston University (Classics). Teaching position at Dalhousie University.

Laurelle LeVert: "Roman Laws on Obnuntiatio: Lex Clodia and Lex Aelia Fufia." Associate vice-president at the University of New Brunswick (Saint John).

Bruce Gordon: "Deus est Caritas: Four Latin Sermons of Meister Eckhart: Texts, Translations, and Commentary." University of St. Andrews. Teaching position at Yale University.

Barry Craig: "The Connection between Boethius’ Contra Eutychen et Nestorium and St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae III, QQ. 1-26." University of Wales. Teaching position at St. Thomas University.

David Creese: "The Origin of the Greek Tortoise-Shell Lyre." University of Birmingham. Teaching position at Newcastle University.

Lawrin Armstrong: "Virgil the Platonist: An Examination of Some Fourth- and Fifth-century commentators on Virgil’s Aeneid." University of Toronto (Medieval Studies). Teaching position at the University of Toronto.

Gary Thorne: "The Structure and Argument of the Philonic Commentary." Durham University (Theology and Religion)

Walter Hannam: "Non intenta in eloquentia sapientia, sed a sapientia non recedente eloquentia: Augustine’s De doctrina christiana - Structure and Philosophical Method." Boston College (Theology). Teaching position at the University of Emmanuel College.

Bernard Wills: "Plato’s Gorgias: A Reading in Response to Contemporary Approaches to the Platonic Dialogues." McMaster University. Teaching position at Memorial University, Grenfell Campus.

Philip Lee: "The Shield of Achilles: A Vision of the Homeric World." Teaching position at St. Thomas University.

Carol King: "Public Decrees in Early Hellenistic Samos and Priene: A Constitutional History. Baylor University (Classics). Teaching position at Memorial University, Grenfell Campus.

PhD alumni

Seamus O’Neill

PhD thesis: "Towards a Restoration of Plato’s Doctrine of Mediation: Platonizing Augustine’s Criticism of ‘the Platonists.’" Teaching position at Memorial University (Philosophy).

Anitra Laycock

  • MA thesis: "Metaphysics Book Gamma: Aristotle and the Logic of Substance."
  • PhD thesis: "The Essential Polis: Bridging the Tragic Divide."

Leona MacLeod

PhD thesis: "Dolos and Dikê in Sophokles’ Elektra." Teaching position at Dalhousie University.

Vernon Provencal

  • MA thesis: "The Unity of the Protagoras."
  • PhD thesis: "Republic V: The Argument of the Three Waves." Teaching position at Acadia University (Classics).

Donald Hambrick

PhD thesis: "Aristotle Transfigured: Dante and the Structure of the Inferno and the Purgatorio."

Michael Carreker

  • MA thesis: Motus in deo: Motionless Motion and its Relation to the Doctrine of the Trinity of St. Thomas Aquinas."
  • PhD thesis: "A Commentary on Books Five, Six and Seven of the De Trinitate of Saint Augustine of Hippo."

Kevin Corrigan

  • MA Thesis: "Prolegomena to a Study of Plotinus’s Critique of Aristotle."
  • PhD Thesis: "Plotinus’s Implicit Critique of Aristotle." Teaching position at Emory University.

James Lowry

PhD thesis: "The Logical Principles of Proclus' Stoicheiôsis Theologikê as Systematic Ground of the Cosmos." Teaching position at College Universitaire Dominicain.

Angus Johnston

  • MA thesis: "A Commentary on the Meno."
  • PhD thesis: "A Commentary on the First Two Books of Aristotle’s Physics." Teaching position at the University of King’s College.

Geraldine Thomas

PhD thesis: "The Uses and Transformation of Classical Mythology from the Time of Roman Principate to the Early Italian Humanists." Teaching position at Saint Mary’s University.

Colin Starnes

PhD thesis: "Ad visionem veritatis: Commentary on Saint Augustine’s Confessions, I, vi, 7-VII, xvi, 22." Teaching position at Dalhousie University and University of King’s College.

Paul Epstein

PhD thesis: "A Commentary on the Birds of Aristophanes." Teaching position at Oklahoma State University.

MA alumni with non-academic careers

Sam Sutherland: "Beauty, Proportion, and Truth: The Good in the Philebus." Law School (Osgood Hall, York University)

Christopher McKelvie: "The Cosmic Christian Vision of Prudentius’ Liber Cathemerinon, and the Inculturation of Augustan Vatic Poetry." Seminarian at Dominican College (Ottawa)

Dan Wilband: "Self-knowledge in Plato’s Alcibiades." Law school at McGill University.

Reuben Penner: "The Rhetoric of God in History: Eusebius of Caesarea’s Political Theology in His Panegyric to Constantine." Accounts Payable Clerk at Stewart McKelvey.

Michelle Wilband: "Ingenium veterum mirabile laudet: Eriugena’s Reception of the Aristotelian Categories and Their Role in the Periphyseon." Teacher of Humanities, Dawson College CEGEP (Montreal)

Dave Puxley: "Soul as Self and Mediator from Plotinus to Eriugena." Anglican priest.

Ben Frenken: "Homeric Consistency: Divine Justice and Character Development." Dalhousie Law School.

James Fleming: "Julian: The Apostle of Paganism." Teaching position in the Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University.

Patrick Graham: "Plato’s Ion." War correspondent, journalist, filmmaker.

Peter Bryson: "A Commentary on Sophocles’ Electra." Judge, Nova Scotia Supreme Court of Appeal.

Other recent theses

Ben Manson: "Teleology and Awareness in Aristotle’s Ethical Thought." University of Oxford (Philosophy)

Brad Longard: "Putting the Empire in Its Place: Ovid on the Goldenness of Rome."

Martin Curran: "The immaterial theurgy of Boethius."

Peter Bullerwell: "The Distinction of Indistinction and Meister Eckhart’s Way of Life."

Naomi Blackwood: "The Activity of the Unrecognizable in Book XIII of Homer’s Odyssey."