Our program is truly unique

With a specific focus on nanophotonic-based telecommunications and energy applications, our Applied Science in Photonics and Innovative Research in Engineering (ASPIRE) program will show you how to transform your ideas into actual products, launch and grow a start-up, protect your intellectual property, navigate the law – and become more effective at securing employment. 



ASPIRE funding is guaranteed for one year and renewable for up to two years for master’s trainees, four years for doctoral trainees and two years for post-doctoral fellows.

How do I apply?


To apply for funding, you must be a part of degree, program or course at Dal or another university. Then, one of our program faculty members must support your application.

Real world experience

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Innovators and influencers, our professors pursue groundbreaking research that has a real impact on industries across the world.

Funding from NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) is acknowledged