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Capstone Projects

Are you involved in Civil Engineering practice? Wondering how you can get more involved with our students? Watch the Capstone video below and learn more about our 4th-year capstone design projects. Please contact Ms. Andrea Doncaster (andrea.doncaster@dal.ca) for further information.


Civil & Mineral Resource Students learn Surveying

Hands-on learning is exciting and gets our students out of the classroom.


Civil Engineering program

Civil engineers design and construct the infrastructure that our lives revolve around - from roads to office towers and beyond. Learn more about the options in our Civil Engineering program.


Mineral Resource Engineering program

If you're interested in learning how to extract minerals from the Earth in an environmentally-friendly, economic way, explore our Mineral Resource Engineering program.


Civil and Resource Students along with Dr. Yi Liu win the Inspiration Award at Canstruction 2015 in Halifax

Left to Right: Ehsan, Katie, Jon, Chad, Jacob, Hyedus, Dr. Liu, Riccardo


Mineral Resource Students win 1st Place for Mine Design in the 2015 Mining Games

Left to Right: Aaron, Jordan, Fiona, Nick


About Civil & Resource Engineering


The Department of Civil and Resource Engineering provides an educational experience that will prepare you to become a successful professional, capable of life-long learning and further advanced studies.  Learn more about the department.

Faculty and Research

CR Engineering Faculty CTA

At Dalhousie University, not only do students learn from the best they can also work on fascinating research projects alongside them.  Learn more about our experienced and knowledgeable faculty and staff.

Dr. Yi Liu and Dr. Andrew Corkum, Professors in the Civil and Resource Engineering Department, both win the student initiated Teaching Award

From left to right: Dr. Rob Jamieson, Dr. Kamal El-Sankary, Dr. Peter Vanberkel, Dr. Yi Liu, Dr. Andrew Corkum, Dr. Ted Hubbard, Dr. Jan B. Haelssig