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A fresh perspective

Canadian Studies, in combination with another major area of study, broadens your horizons. Find out how.


Canadian - and Haligonian?

You'll learn how the Maritime provinces fit into Canadian identity - and how regionalism can both help and hinder others' perceptions.


The Canadian "mosaic"

In The Idea of Canada and other classes, you'll explore what being a Canadian means, whether you're tenth-generation, first-generation, or Aboriginal.


Discover the Mawio-mi

In class and campus events, you'll have the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal traditions, such as the "Mawio-mi" (or "gathering," sometimes known as pow wow).


About the Canadian Studies program

What is a Canadian?

A diet of maple syrup and "maple" cookies? Knowing what a "loonie" is? The ability to pitch a tent in 60 seconds flat? There's so much more to understanding what being Canadian means - and what goes into creating Canadian identity in all its guises. Read more about Dal's Canadian Studies program.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Essay Award goes to one of our own CANA students

Congratulations to

Jacob Sandler! 

Halifax Overseas Club Essay Prize winner

"A Rhetoric of Queen and Country:  The ironies of the introduction to the 2013 Speech from the Throne".   

Department:   English and Canadian Studies

Faculty & Research


Dr. Carrie Dawson is just one of the many faculty members who teaches in Canadian Studies. One thing she loves about being cross-appointed in English and Canadian Studies is the opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and research. Find out more about the breadth and depth of Canadian Studies research.