Dalhousie Marine Affairs Program

The Marine Affairs Program (MAP) is the only English-speaking graduate level interdisciplinary degree program in coastal and oceans management in Canada. It is uniquely positioned within Dalhousie's Faculty of Science and enjoys a solid reputation as one of the leading programs worldwide. MAP is capable of educating and training marine managers within the globally-respected, applied oceans focused research environment found at Dalhousie University. MAP is arguably the most international and interdisciplinary program on the Dalhousie campus, with tangible resource-based support and other forms of regular participation from six faculties. These faculties include: Science, Management, Arts and Social Sciences, Architecture, Law and Engineering.

MAP's vision is to be the foremost provider of interdisciplinary education for marine management professionals, thereby advancing sustainable ocean uses and healthy marine environments.

MAP is committed to creating an inquiring and stimulating practical learning environment by building on its extensive global-to-local marine management networks. These networks include governments at all levels, nationally and internationally, the private sector and civil society. Furthermore, MAP's vision draws on the strengths of the unique suite of academic expertise present at Dalhousie in all areas of ocean scholarship and a commitment to contributing to the training of marine managers globally, thereby having an influential role in facilitating sound decision making affecting the world's coastal and marine resources.