A Healthcare Knowledge Hub

As Canadian community pharmacists move from dispensing into a broader and more significant role as key public healthcare providers, Safe Assured is enabling pharmacists, providers, regulators, policy makers, and patient safety advocates to share and apply knowledge, insight, and information—in order to continuously improve their systems and build safer, more reliable, and more resilient community pharmacy business practices.

Hosted by Dalhousie University’s Rowe School of Business in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Safe Assured's current research initiatives aim to improve health care business practices by assessing error reporting systems, investigating continuous quality improvement (CQI) practices, and evaluating—via a diverse methodology—how Canada’s health care professionals and managers:

  • Report delivery-related errors
  • Achieve and show effective compliance
  • Optimize workflows to prevent errors, cut litigation risk, and enable efficient and real time structured, standardized incident and service reporting
  • Identify and implement data analytics, data mining, and machine learning methods and practices
  • Record medication-related incidents to glean intelligence and spot practice- and business process-related risks, and carry out effective root cause analysis (RCA) or other forms of error investigations
  • Measure and manage the follow-up and improvement opportunities generated by incidents and service management
  • Track and gain insight from trends across multiple locations.

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