The Network for End of Life Studies (NELS), which is based in Nova Scotia, Canada, is guided by the beliefs and values of integrity and respect; innovation, excellence and rigour; transparency and cooperation; promotion of academic freedom; thoughtful sustainable and stable progress; and fostering the development of new NELS research leaders; and value to people at end of life, their families and care providers.

In addition to exploring new opportunities by building on our ICE, ABC-SC and other research, we are in the midst of knowledge exchange via our 3x3 NELS project.

Most recently, we have received research funding from BHCRI, TVN and NSHRF for the studies listed in the Research column to the right.


Research Queries

We welcome queries from Nova Scotia graduate students, medical residents, new faculty, clinical scholars, and other research investigators who wish to carry out palliative and end of life care research in Nova Scotia.

Contact to explore networking possibilities. A high level of fluency in English, an understanding of Canadian society, and knowledge of some aspect of Canada's health system is normally expected prior to working on NELS projects.