TVN frail elderly EOL Scan


TVN frail elderly EOL Scan

Project Title

Environmental scan to describe the current care received by seriously ill, frail elderly patients nearing end of life in Canada

Time Period and Funding

2014-2015, Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network (TVN) National Centre of Excellence (NCE), $300.000

Principal Investigators

Anik Giguere, University of Laval, Robin Urquhart, Dalhousie University, and Sharon Straus, University of Toronto

Co-investigators and Collaborators (Nova Scotia team in italics)

Grace Johnston, Fred Burge, Beverley Lawson, Arminee Kazanjian, Serge Dumont, René Verreault, Pierre Durand, France Légaré, Michèle Aubin, Alexis Turgeon, Valérie Émond, with stakeholders: Cheryl Tschupruk, Danièle Benoît, Lucille Juneau, Helena Daudt

Nova Scotia Project Staff

Bev Lawson, lead in advising on cross-Canada administrative data extraction

Project Aims:

  • Describe the current Canadian healthcare services and models of care for the seriously ill, frail elderly patients nearing end of life (FE-EoL).
  • Determine healthcare resources utilization associated with the care of various cohorts of FE-EoL.
  • Identify, prioritize and evaluate major healthcare outcomes in various cohorts of FE-EoL.


The scan will systematically examine literature on care of the seriously ill, frail elderly people across the spectrum of settings (home, hospice, hospital, nursing home). It will help TVN quantitate the healthcare environment, characterize the health care received in Canada and identify health care resource utilization useful to policy and decision makers. It will propose a common language in which to engage in a conversation with the same goal in mind: optimizing quality of life of frail elderly people nearing end of life.


This project will identify gaps in our knowledge around healthcare resource utilization and outcomes for FE-EoL in Canada. It may also allow uncovering smaller local initiatives with potential for scaling up.