NSHRF Scoping Review


NSHRF Scoping Review

Project Title

Transitioning from curative to supportive/palliative intent: A scoping review of facilitators and barriers.

Time Period and Funding

2015-7, Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (NSHRF) Establishment Grant. $81,637 over two years.

Principal Investigators

Brenda Sabo (PI), Grace Johnston (coPI)


David Dupere, Simon Field, Erna Snelgrove-Clarke, Deborah McLeod, Stephen Couban, Liam Mulroy, David Abriel, Roy Ellis, Shelley Meldrum.

Project Coordinator

Kathleen Groves


Uncover and challenge the barriers to earlier transition to palliative including communication among professionals, patients and families.

For this study, transition refers to change in location (e.g., acute care setting to community/home care) or healthcare professional (e.g., oncologist or cardiologist to palliative care team).


  • Carry out a scoping review on successful interventions, facilitators and barriers to timely, effective transitioning from a curative to a palliative approach to care,
  • Conduct workshops for healthcare professionals and patients/families to elicit feedback on scoping review findings and identify next steps, and
  • Develop a framework for an intervention study


  • Factors that facilitate or impede early transition from curative to palliative care from a scoping review of research, policy papers, government reports and other material
  • Design of Knowledge Translation (KT) approaches
  • Inform a TRIC 3-year grant proposal targeting design/implementation/evaluation of KT tools to support and enhance timely referral for palliative care