The Geriatric Medicine Research tools were developed and validated in English. The tools have been translated, with permission, into many different languages by interested clinicians, researchers and organizations that are not directly affiliated with Geriatric Medicine Research. We have not independently translated, certified translation nor validated the tools in any of these languages. 

Translated tools are a derivative of the original tool and subject to the same copyright protection. Those seeking permission to use our tools in any language, or prepare a new translation, should use the online Permission Request Portal.

For new translations, we require an editable version of the translated text (e.g., Microsoft Word document) and a citation (if applicable) to the publication in which the translated tool was validated or first disseminated.

All translated tools include a permission statement that identifies the translator and year of translation. For example:

Clinical Frailty Scale ©2005-2020 Rockwood. Version 2.0. All rights reserved. Translated with permission to [language] by [name of translator], [place of translation], [year]. For permission:

Watermarked previews of the currently available translations can be accessed below. Approved users can access high resolution copies of the requested tools with their fully executed permission agreement.    


Clinical Frailty Scale ©

With few exceptions, we are currently sharing translations of the Clinical Frailty Scale (v2.0) revised in 2020. If you have questions about earlier version of the scale, please contact us at

Arabic (Saudia Arabia) [PDF - 225KB]
Chinese (Traditional) [PDF - 267KB]
Danish [PDF - 299KB]
Dutch [PDF - 273KB]
English [PDF - 242KB]
Estonian [PDF - 256KB]
Finnish [PDF - 262KB]
French (Québec) [PDF - 289KB]
German [PDF - 198KB]
Greek [PDF - 300KB]
Japanese [PDF - 284KB]
Korean [PDF - 237KB]
Latvian [PDF - 251KB]
Lithuanian [PDF - 265KB]
Norwegian [PDF - 282KB]
Polish [PDF - 281KB]
Portuguese (Brazilian) * [PDF - 272KB]
Portuguese (European) [PDF - 246KB]
Romanian [PDF - 256KB]
Slovene [PDF - 289KB]
Spanish (Chilean) [PDF - 281KB]
Swedish [PDF - 290KB]
Thai [PDF - 250KB]
Turkish [PDF - 278KB]
Vietnamese [PDF - 272KB]
Welsh [PDF - 256KB]

* The CFS Classification Tree [PDF - 96KB] and its associated long [PDF - 113KB] and short [PDF - 108KB] questionnaires have also been translated into Brazilian Portuguese. These are currently available in text only. 


Pictorial Fit-Frail Scale ©




PFFS-Health Care Professional (HCP)


Arabic [PDF - 464KB] - - -
Chinese (Simplified) [PDF - 1.0MB] [PDF - 1.2MB] [PDF - 624KB] [PDF - 783KB]
English [PDF - 568KB] [PDF - 713KB] [PDF - 328KB] [PDF - 3.3MB]
Malay [PDF - 632KB] - - -
Polish [PDF - 1.1MB] - - -
Romanian - - [PDF - 673KB] [PDF - 2.5MB]



Hierarchical Assessment of Balance and Mobility ©

Not currently available in any other languages.