Industry Partners

The GaSP team is fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with industry leaders in Geoscience Modeling, Environmental Monitoring, Engineering and Drone-based Technolgies.  

Geofirma Engineering (Richard Jackson Ph.D., Dru Heagle Ph.D.)

Dick Jackson, Ph.D is a registered Professional (Geological) Engineer in Ontario and Principal at Geofirma Engineering Ltd.  He has worked as a hydrogeologist since the early 1970s and has expertise in enhanced oil recovery operations and wellbore leakage of fugitive gas. He has had long-standing involvement in projects related to geochemistry and petrophysics, including in Ontario for the Deep Geological Repository for radioactive wastes.

Robert Walsh, Ph.D., P.Eng. is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario with Geofirma Engineering Ltd., and specializes in numerical modelling of geosphere processes, with a particular interest in hydrogeology, (hydro)-mechanical processes, thermal transport, multiphase flow modelling and coupled processes.  Dr. Walsh has 14 years experience in the hydrogeological and geomechanical modelling field.  His work has included everything from characterization and development of a sourcewater protection model for a heavily pumped groundwater aquifer in an industrialized area of the upper Rhine valley, to development of a novel method to model hydromechanical coupling in fractured rock.

Eosense (Nick Nickerson Ph.D.)

Nick Nickerson, Ph.D. is Chief Scientist at Eosense Inc. Eosense instrumentation has been deployed from pole to pole, in rainforests, and in the desert. The company is now branching out to larger industrial markets, and the company has been quietly developing and testing small autonomous low-power instruments for continuously measuring methane emissions, for applications like wellbore gas migration monitoring.

SkySquirrel (Richard van der Put M.Sc.)

Richard van der Put, MSc is CEO at SkySquirrel Technologies Inc., which develops drone-based technology for monitoring crop health, with a primary focus on improving crop yields and reducing costs at commercial vineyards. The company is one of Canada’s leading drone service providers.  Given its capabilities in technology development, hyperspectral imaging, and sensor integration, SkySquirrel is interested in energy applications around gas detection.

EXP Services Inc. (Fred Baechler M.Sc.)

Fred Baechler is a Senior Hydrogeologist with Exp Services Inc., with over 40 years of experience throughout the Atlantic Provinces, principally Cape Breton. Over the last 15 years he has been involved in assessing groundwater issues associated with legacy, abandoned underground, and strip coal mines over Cape Breton island.  

EMG (Edwin Macdonald P.Geo.)

Edwin Macdonald, P.Geo  (head EMG), is a professional geologist who has worked all across the Maritimes including Stoney Creek and the Stellarton coal basin. EMG has worked in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for 20 years, including 4 years at Stoney Creek in an exploration and production role with a junior oil and gas company. He also has 4 years exploration experience in the Stellarton Basin.