The Gas Seepage Project (GaSP) is a multi-phase methane mitigation initiative in the Maritimes.  Visit our About page to learn how we're contributing to the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change [PDF - 2MB]


Methane gas is colourless and odorless, making it difficult to locate in the field.  Fugitive emission detection methodologies have been developed by our team of researchers, and will be tested in the summer of 2017.  For additional details about our research and methodologies, visit our Research page.

Meet the Team

GaSP is a collaborative mitigation project between Eastern Canadian Univerisies and Industry Partners.  GaSP has brought together researchers and industry leaders from the fields of Engineering, Geology, Biology and others.  Learn more about our partners and collaborators on our Team page.

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Dalhousie University is the project proponent, and operates out of the University's Basin and Reservoir Lab.  Visit our Contact page to learn about our lab, or to contact a project representative.