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Master's Student Defends Thesis

Posted by Laura Addicott on April 3, 2017 in Students

Lisa Blenkinsop, Fish-WIKS Master’s student at the University of Guelph, successfully defended her Master’s thesis, Generational Perspectives on Community Knowledge Transfer in Nipissing First Nation recently. Congratulations Lisa!

Lisa’s research, in partnership with Nipissing First Nation, explored historical and contemporary intergenerational knowledge transfer in the community. Elders and youth from the Nipissing First Nation community were invited to participate in a community-led workshop aimed at connecting generations and creating a space for knowledge-sharing and dialogue. Drawing on the workshop discussions, Lisa found that the disruption of historical mechanisms of intergenerational knowledge transfer in the community is a direct consequence of colonization and the imposition of the Western worldview onto the community.  This disruption of intergenerational knowledge transfer has disconnected contemporary children and youth from traditional relationships with the land, the Anishinaabe language, the community and their Elders.