Our Team Members and Their Skills


Director Dr. James Brenan
James is an experimental petrologist and geochemist. His research is aimed at understanding the origin of the distribution of elements in the solar system, with emphasis on the Earth and terrestrial planets, as well as processes that result in the extraordinary levels of element enrichment to form mineable deposits.. This work is largely focused on experimental investigation of interphase partitioning, phase stability and the kinetics of element exchange. His research uses the electron microprobe extensively to characterize phase compositions from both experimental run-products and natural samples.


Probe Technologist Dan MacDonald
Dan has over 20 years of experience in beam-instrument operation and analysis (EPMA (WDS + EDS) SEM, TEM, Powder and Single-crystal XRD, XRF, LSCM, FTIR, EBIC), as well as extensive experience with other analytical techniques (wet chemistry, AA/AF, AFM, STM, OM, Epi-fluorescence OM, NMR, SIMS, TIMS, ICP-AES, CL-OES).


Location and contact information:

Department of Earth Sciences, Life Sciences Centre, Room 3018B

Phone: 902 494-7087
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