Our Team Members and Their Skills

Director Dr. Yana Fedortchouk

Yana is an experimental petrologist and geochemist. Her research mainly focuses on studies of diamonds and their host magmas – kimberlites. Yana’s research group extensively uses EPMA for identification and determining chemical composition of mineral phases in experimental products and natural rocks, examining zoning and compositional variation in different mineral phases using X-ray mapping, and studying phase distribution throughout a sample. Yana’s research aims at better understanding the processes that lead to formation of diamonds and their preservation in the mantle and during ascent in kimberlite magma.


Probe Technologist Dan MacDonald – Dan has over 20 years of experience in beam-instrument operation and analysis (EPMA (WDS + EDS) SEM, TEM, Powder and Single-crystal XRD, XRF, LSCM, FTIR, EBIC), as well as extensive experience with other analytical techniques (wet chemistry, AA/AF, AFM, STM, OM, Epi-fluorescence OM, NMR, SIMS, TIMS, ICP-AES, CL-OES).


Location and contact information:

Department of Earth Sciences, Life Sciences Centre, Room 3018B

Phone: 902 494-7087
D.J. MacDonald, Lab Technologist - booking, sample preparation, rates
Yana Fedortchouk, Lab Director - lab policies and general enquiries