Services Offered

The Dalhousie EPMA offers several services to our valued clients, as follows:

  • State-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative analysis using both onboard JEOL software and external Probe for EPMA (PfE)™ software provided by ProbeSoftware Inc.
  • High-resolution, X-ray compositional mapping using the JEOL software package
  • High-resolution electron-imaging in secondary, back-scattered and topographic mode; low-resolution cathodoluminescence imaging
  • Training on both the JEOL and Probe for EPMA (PfE)™ software packages
  • Remote data analysis via Probe for EPMA (PfE)™ software, downloaded directly from the ProbeSoftware Inc. website
  • Thin section preparation coordinated through Dalhousie’s Thin Section Lab
  • Carbon-coating of samples to be imaged or analysed using the microprobe
  • In Development* – Remote usage of the JXA-8200 with online, live-time technical training and support    
  • In Development* – Remote teaching – the ability of educators to use the microprobe for teaching purposes, especially important to schools that don’t have an on-site microprobe of their own
  • In Development* – Remote, live-time, conferenced demonstrations for corporate and other business clients – e.g., the ability of corporate clients to show investment potential to stakeholders

                   *  Please contact Dan MacDonald if you are interested in testing these applications