The Search for WMD: Non‑Proliferation, Intelligence and Pre‑emption in the New Security Environment

Edited by Graham F. Walker
March 2006
Table of contents
ISBN 978-1-896440-49-5
$25.00 CDN (plus S&H)


This is the third volume of the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies' highly acclaimed and well received issue-and-debate series addressing contemporary topics in security and defence studies. Twenty-five scholars and policy-makers respond to Michael Friend's intriguing article about the search for WMD in Iraq. Even prior to the 2nd Iraqi war, non-proliferation has been the foremost concern discussed throughout international diplomacy. From the treaties we sign to control it, to the intelligence we use to verify it, to the pre-emptive actions we take to prevent it, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction has become the foremost threat to international peace and stability. The contributors to this volume debate the merits of arms control treaties, address the short-comings and increased requirements of the intelligence community, and address whether a viable international system can be founded upon a doctrine of pre-emptive war. The result is an informative and policy relevant contribution to the foremost security issue of the new security environment.

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