The Canadian Forces and Interoperability: Panacea or Perdition?

Edited by Ann L. Griffiths
February 2002
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ISBN 978-1-896440-40-1
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No two issues in Canadian political discourse garner such immediate and passionate debate as the twin topics of ‘Canadian sovereignty’ and Canada’s ‘premiere relationship’ with its “hyperpower” neighbour, the United States.

Trying to balance the value added benefits of Canada-U.S. interoperability with the perceived costs to Canada’s independence and its ability to forge distinctive foreign and security policies remains the most important challenge facing Canadians today.

A Collection of Essays Debating The Implications for CanadianSovereignty of Closer Military Integration With the U.S. and Other Allies. The Centre for Foreign Policy Studies is pleased to announce the publication of THE CANADIAN FORCES AND INTEROPERABILITY: PANACEA OR PERDITION ? This impressive edited volume encompasses the expert opinion – and advice – of twenty-one distinguished academics, serving and retired military personnel, representatives from non-governmental organizations, and political officials in Canada and the United States.

THE CANADIAN FORCES AND INTEROPERABILITY: PANACEA OR PERDITION ? illustrates the wide variations of definition and interpretation regarding the concept of interoperability, from benign cooperation to abject subordination, and the several levels across which the principle applies, from the operational to highest levels of national leadership and policymaking.

The book represents the most comprehensive treatment of the subject to date – a truly unique collection of answers to several important questions that Canadians continue to ponder; answers that are becoming even more imperative as the American government continues to face the challenges of its post-9/11 war on terror.

The volume is divided into two sections, the issues and the debate, beginning with the original Policy Matters (IRPP) article written by Professors Denis Stairs (McCulloch Professor of Political Science,) and Professor Danford Middlemiss (former Director of the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies) followed by the contributions of the leading authorities.

THE CANADIAN FORCES AND INTEROPERABILITY: PANACEA OR PERDITION ? is an indispensable source of information, argument and evidence for those who are seriously concerned about the implications of closer military integration with the United States and our other allies for Canadian sovereignty.

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