Geopolitics vs. Global Governance: Reinterpreting International Security

Edited by Sabrina Hoque
Table of contents
ISBN: 978-1-896440-61-3
$25.00 CDN (plus S&H)


What are the new challenges facing the world, and how have the global governance structures adapted to address them? This edited volume examines the new broad and complex elements that define international security in the post-Cold War era. Among some of the topics it considers are Russian neo-imperialism, the European Union as a model for regional organizations, the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Canada and human security in Afghanistan, China's activities in the Middle East, North American ballistic missile defence, self-determination versus territorial integrity in the case of South Ossetia, balancing security and human rights in Asia, the concept of humanitarian intervention and its failure in Darfur, and the attempt to limit the proliferation of small arms. With the structures of global governance continuing to reflect and confront the security challenges of yesterday, emerging geopolitical shifts of the 21st century pose new global threats and security dilemmas that the system of governance is struggling to meet. In addition to contributions from established experts, this book offers academic insight on the debate from graduate students from across North America.

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