Our Team

Top Corner : (Left) Dr.Gabrielle Rigney, (Right) Sarah Brine, (Left)Tamara Speth (Right) Kim Tan-MacNeil, (Left Bottom) Amanada Adams.
In Frame (Left to Right Top): Marissa Toner, David Parkhill, Esmot Begum, Fiona Davidson, Nicole Ali, Derek van Voorst (Left to Right Bottom): Dr. Penny Corkum, Josh Mugford, Jason Issacs, Michelle Tougas, Sydney Dale-Mcgrath, Matt Orr, Ana Jemcov

The Corkum LABS team is a broad combination of students, staff and volunteers who help with the day to day tasks associated with the labs many projects. If you are interested in becoming a team member check out our opportunities page for current student and volunteer opportunities!