Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Declaration of Conflict regarding Research Lab Funding

As a research lab that aims to provide unbiased and evidence-based research, we understand the importance of transparency and disclosure when it comes to our funding sources. Our lab has been fortunate to collaborate with various key partners, including Leger Marketing, Angus Reid, and Caddle, who provide us with valuable data for our research.

However, we acknowledge that accepting funding from these partners may present a potential conflict of interest. To mitigate this, we have implemented strict guidelines and policies to ensure that our research remains independent and objective.

In addition to our industry partners, in the last five years, we have also received funding from academic institutions and government organizations such as Dalhousie University, Research Nova Scotia, SSHRC, and MITACS. We disclose the specific funding source for each of our projects directly on every report that we release.

We believe that transparency and disclosure are essential in maintaining the integrity of our research, and we will continue to uphold these values as we strive to make significant contributions to our respective fields.