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Steering Committee

Ivan Joseph (Co-chair) Student Affairs Studley
Christina MacNeil (Co-chair) Dean's Office - Faculty of Architechture & Planning Sexton
Trisha Aylward
Human Resources
Nicole Cameron Relationship & Development Officer, United Way United Way Representative
Allie Fournier Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick DMNB
Emily Huner Dean's Office - Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Studley  emily.huner@Dal.Ca
Marty Leonard Faculty of Graduate Studies
Marlo MacKay Libraries Studley
Sam Sun Financial Services Studley
Chloe Westlake President's Office Studley
Paul Williams  Communications & Marketing Studley

Employee Campaign Coordinators

Advancement Jessica Farrell Studley
Analytics Martha Meisner
Ancillary Services Lisa Caddell Studley
Art Gallery Peter Dykhuis Studley
Centre for Learning & Teaching Michelle Soucy Studley
College of Continuing Education Gena Walsh Studley
College of Sustainability Melanie Zurba Studley
Communications and Marketing Lindsay Dowling Studley
Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick Allie Fournier DMNB
Environmental Health & Safety Office   Studley  
Facilities Management Mary Jane Webber

Marcia Munroe

Faculty of Agriculture Elaine Osmond

Diane Ross

Faculty of Architecture and Planning Susanna Morash Sexton
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Janet Dyson Studley
Faculty of Computer Science Rebecca Rawcliffe Studley
Faculty of Dentistry   Cynthia Younker Carleton
Faculty of Engineering Allison Greenidge-Joseph Sexton
Faculty of Graduate Studies Mary Anne Dib Studley
Faculty of Health  Dawn Morrison Carleton
Faculty of Management Anna Cranston Studley
Faculty of Medicine Jason Bremner Carleton
Faculty of Science     Studley   
Financial Services  Melissa Barnstead Studley
Human Resources Jamie Ratchford Studley
Information Technology Services (ITS) Bill Hartnett

Cheryl Connell

Libraries Kelly Casey

Penny David
All campuses

President's Office Florence Millard Studley
Registrar's Office Rhonda Scott Studley
Research Services 
Coleen Branscombe Studley
Schulich School of Law   Studley   
Student Academic Success Services   Studley   
Student Affairs   Studley  
University Secretariat Bob Mann Studley