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Steering Committee

Christina MacNeil (co-chair) Dean's Office - Architechture & Planning Sexton Campus (902)494-6230
Erin Stewart-Reid (co-chair) President's Office  Studley Campus  (902)494-1225
Trisha Aylward
Human Resources
Studley Campus (902)494-2290
Sheila Blair-Reid Office of Advancement Studley Campus (902)494-6591
Nicole Cameron Relationship & Development Officer United Way Representative (902)461-3088
Emily Huner Dean's Office - Arts Studley Campus (902)494-1441 Emily.Huner@Dal.Ca
Marlo MacKay Dalhousie Libraries Studley Campus (902)494-3907

Christine Macy

Faculty of Architecture & Planning

Sexton Campus


Sam Sun Financial Services Studley Campus (902)494-1700
Paul Williams  Communications & Marketing Studley Campus (902)494-8061

Employee Campaign Coordinators

Lisa Caddell


Dalhousie Ancillary Services Studley campus

Gena Walsh


College of Continuing Education Studley campus
Sherry Elliott College of Sustainability Studley campus
Lisa Holmes Communications and Marketing Studley campus (902)494-4218
Peter Dykhuis Art Gallery Studley campus (902)494-2891
  Dalplex and Student Wellness Studley campus    



Engineering & Computer Science Cooperative Education

Sexton campus


Elizabeth Thompson Advancement Sexton campus (902)494-3625
Mary Jane Webber Facilities Management Studley campus (902)494-4026
Susanna Morash Faculty of Architecture and Planning Sexton campus (902)494-3971
Genevieve MacIntyre   Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Studley campus (902)494-6288
Anila Balakrishnan Faculty of Computer Science Studley campus
Cynthia Younker Faculty of Dentistry   Carleton campus
  Faculty of Engineering Sexton campus    
Sarah Berrigan Faculty of Graduate Studies Studley campus (902)494-7178
Dawn Morrison Faculty of Health  Carleton campus
  Schulich School of Law Studley campus    
Maggie Lapp Faculty of Management Studley campus (902)494-7487
Jennifer Lewandowski Faculty of Medicine Carleton campus (902)494-2961


Allie Fournier Dalhousie Medicine New Brusnwick DMNB
Dennette Hanna-Shea Faculty of Science   Studley campus (902)494-1443    Dennette.Hanna-Shea@Dal.Ca
Nancy Zhang Financial Services   Studley campus (902)494-1706
Mellissa Barnstead Financial Services  - Print Center Studley campus (902)494-6428
Jamie Ratchford Human Resources Studley campus
Megan Clarke Human Resources Studley campus
Bill Harnett Information Technology Services (ITS) Carleton campus (902)494-1873 Bill.Harnett@Dal.Ca
Martha Meisner Dalhousie Analytics Studley campus (902)494-6775
  Centre for Learning and Teaching Studley campus    
Kelly Casey Dalhousie Libraries Studley campus (902)494-3621 Kelly.Stevens@Dal.Ca
Florence Millard President's Office Studley campus (902)494-3862
Rhonda Scott Registrar's Office Studley campus
Coleen Branscombe Research Services Studley campus (902)494-3162
  Environmental Health and Safety Office Studley campus    
Sarah Ready Student Academic Success Services Studley campus (902)494-7169
Bob Mann University Secretariat Studley campus (902)494-7077
Elaine Osmond Faculty of Agriculture Agricultural campus