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Steering Committee

Sonia Beattie (Campaign
Planning & Analytics Studley
Trisha Estabrooks (Campaign
Graduate Studies Studley
Kendra Darling Relationship & Development Officer, United Way United Way Representative
Carrie Capstick Financial Services Studley
Katherine Higgins Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick New Brunswick
Amber Kerr Faculty of Agriculture  Truro
Adam Robertson Registrar's Office  Studley
Emma Wach Human Resources Studley
Chloe Westlake President's Office Studley


Employee Campaign Coordinators

Advancement   Studley  
Analytics Katherine Rudolph Studley
Ancillary Services   Studley  
Art Gallery   Studley  
Centre for Learning & Teaching   Studley  
College of Sustainability   Studley   
Communications and Marketing   Studley   
Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick Katherine Higgins  DMNB
Environmental Health & Safety Office   Studley  
Facilities Management Marcia Munroe Studley
Faculty of Agriculture Kamryn Findlay Agriculture
Faculty of Architecture and Planning Susanna Morash Sexton
Faculty of Architecture and Planning Brenda Matheson Sexton
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences   Studley   
Faculty of Computer Science Andrea Hart Studley
Faculty of Dentistry     Carleton   
Faculty of Engineering   Sexton  
Faculty of Graduate Studies Trisha Estabrooks Studley
Faculty of Health    Carleton   
Faculty of Management Dolene LaPointe Studley
Faculty of Medicine   Carleton   
Faculty of Open Learning & Career Development Valeria Adriazola
Faculty of Open Learning & Career Development Andrea King Studley
Faculty of Science   Cali Goud Studley
Financial Services  Carrie Capstick Studley
Human Resources Emma Wach Studley
Information Technology Services (ITS) Cheryl Connell Studley
Libraries Penelope David All campuses
President's Office Chloe Westlake Studley
Print Centre Melissa Barnstead Studley Melissa.Barnstead@Dal.Ca
Registrar's Office Rhonda Scott Studley
Research Services 
Schulich School of Law   Studley   
Student Affairs Candace Fougere Studley
University Secretariat   Studley