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Steering Committee

Peter Dykhuis (co-chair) Dalhousie Art Gallery   Studley campus (902)494-2891 peter.dykhuis@dal.ca
Erin Stewart-Reid (co-chair) Human Resources
Studley campus
(902)494-1225 erin.stewart@dal.ca
Trisha Aylward
Human Resources
Studley campus (902)494-2290 trisha.aylward@dal.ca
Monica Baccardax MedIT
Carleton campus
(902)494-2859 monica.baccardax@dal.ca
Donna Bourne-Tyson Dalhousie Libraries Studley campus (902)494-4089 donna.bourne-tyson@dal.ca
Nicole Cameron Relationship & Development Officer United Way Representative (902)461-3088  NCameron@unitedwayhalifax.ca
Jessica Corrigan Financial Services Studley campus (902)494-7093 jessica.corrigan@dal.ca
Marlo MacKay Dalhousie Libraries Studley campus (902)494-3907 marlo.mackay@dal.ca
Christina MacNeil Dean's Office - Medicine Carleton campus   (902)494-1851 christina.macneil@dal.ca

Christine Macy

Faculty of Architecture & Planning

Sexton campus



Martha Meisner Institutional Analysis and Research Studley campus (902)494-6775 martha.meisner@dal.ca

Employee Campaign Coordinators

Kate Somers


Dalhousie Ancillary Services Studley campus (902)494-3365 kpsomers@Dal.Ca

Gena Walsh


College of Continuing Education

Studley campus




Darlene Brennan College of Sustainability Studley campus (902)494-4581 darlene.brennan@dal.ca
Lindsay Dowling Communications and Marketing Studley campus (902)494-4189 lindsay.dowling@dal.ca
Peter Dykhuis Art Gallery Studley campus (902)494-2891 peter.dykhuis@dal.ca
Maia Dauphinee Dalplex and Student Wellness Studley campus (902)494-2048 maia.dauphinee@dal.ca

Courtney Larkin


Engineering & Computer Science Cooperative Education

Sexton campus





Kyler Crawford


Engineering & Computer Science Cooperative Education

Sexton campus


(902)494-6155 Kyler.Crawford@Dal.Ca
Ross Tulloch Advancement Sexton campus (902)494-2808 ross.tulloch@dal.ca
TBA Facilities Management Studley campus    
Susanna Morash Faculty of Architecture and Planning Sexton campus (902)494-3971 susanna.morash@dal.ca
Genevieve MacIntyre   Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Studley campus (902)494-6288 genevieve.macintyre@dal.ca
Vidhya Ramamoorthy Faculty of Computer Science Studley campus (902)494- 4342 Vidhya.ramamoorthy@dal.ca
Martha Brillant   Faculty of Dentistry   Carleton campus (902)494-6984 mbrillant@dal.ca
TBA Faculty of Engineering Sexton campus    
TBA Faculty of Graduate Studies Studley campus    
Cheryl Brown   Faculty of Health Professions Carleton campus (902)494-3327 fhp@dal.ca
TBA Schulich School of Law Studley campus    
Maggie Lapp Faculty of Management Studley campus (902)494-7487 M.e.lapp@dal.ca
Char Joseph-Dunbar Faculty of Medicine Carleton campus (902)494-1994 Charlene.Joseph-Dunbar@dal.ca
Debbie Hayes Faculty of Medicine Carleton campus (902)494-7066 D.Hayes@dal.ca
Erinor Jacob-Levine Dalhousie Medicine New Brusnwick DMNB (506)636-6279 Erinor.Jacob@Dal.Ca
Joanne Wells Faculty of Science   Studley campus (902)494-3540 Joanne.Wells@dal.ca
Nancy Zhang Financial Services   Studley campus (902)494-1706 NancyZhang@dal.ca
Mellissa Barnstead Financial Services  - Print Center Studley campus (902)494-6428 Melissa.Barnstead@dal.ca
Ashlely Halliday Human Resources Studley campus (902)494-2962 as255693@dal.ca
Stefanie Adams Human Resources Studley campus (902)494-1115 Stefanie.Adams@Dal.Ca
Bill Harnett Information Technology Services (ITS) Carleton campus (902)494-1873 Bill.Harnett@Dal.Ca
Martha Meisner Dalhousie Analytics Studley campus (902)494-6775 Martha.Meisner@dal.ca
Krista Mallory Centre for Learning and Teaching Studley campus (902)494-6828 Krista.Mallory@Dal.Ca
Kelly Casey Dalhousie Libraries Studley campus (902)494-3621 Kelly.Stevens@Dal.Ca
Florence Millard President's Office Studley campus (902)494-3862 Florence.Millard@dal.ca
Lisa Caddell Registrar's Office Studley campus (902)494-4651 lisa.caddell@dal.ca
Donna Gaudet Research Services Studley campus (902)494-6513 donna.gaudet@dal.ca
Heather Dominey Research Services Studley campus (902)494-3077 Healther.Dominey@dal.ca
Barbara Thompson Environmental Health and Safety Office Studley campus (902)893-2789 Barbara.Thompson@dal.ca
Carla Britten Student Services Studley campus (902)494-8077 Carla.Johnson@Dal.Ca
Bob Mann University Secretariat Studley campus (902)494-7077 Bob.Mann@dal.ca
Marilyn Roberts Faculty of Agriculture Agricultural campus (902)893-6644 Marilyn.Roberts@dal.ca