myCareer Student Guide

myCareer is the job posting database that you will use to view jobs, submit applications, sign up for interviews and rank job offers.

Click a section below to learn how to:

View and register for events

  1. In the left hand menu, select the Dashboard, followed by the Events Calendar. You may view events by Calendar View or List View, or by month, week or day.
  2. To register, select that event from the calendar. This also allows you to view the event details including time, location and description. 
  3. In the next screen, select Register for this event.    
Examples of event types
  • Important dates for the co-op job search
  • Employer information sessions

Book an appointment with a Student Development Coordinator


  1. In the left hand menu in myCareer, select the WIL Co-op / ArchPlan Co-op section, followed by the Appointments subsection.
  2. On the next page, select Book by Appointment Type.
Appointment types
  • Co-op advising
  • Co-op advising for international students
  • Practice interview
  • International job search
  • Work site check-in call
  • Work site visit

Please visit the co-op Appointments section in myCareer for more details about appointment types. For assistance booking an appointment on myCareer, call us at 902-494-6006.

View job postings

In the left hand menu, select the WIL Co-op / ArchPlan Co-op section, followed by the Job Posting subsection.

You may also select the blue Postings button from the top menu.

Quick filters

You may select quick job posting filters, including For my Program, New Posting Since Last Login, Application Deadline Today, etc.

Advanced / custom search

To perform an advanced / custom search, select Search Job Postings and enter your search criteria.

Apply to job postings

  1. Select the job posting you wish to apply to.
  2. Select Apply for this Position.
  3. To apply for the job posting, you will be required to follow 'OPTION 2: Upload a new job application package' to upload the requested documents (as per the "Co-op Application Documents" for that job posting).

Create your job application package

What to include (in order)

  1. Cover letter (if required)
  2. Resume (max. two pages)
  3. Transcript
  4. Other documents (if required)
    • While reviewing job postings, note each application requirement.
    • Examples
      • Public Service Commission (PSC) Form 3283 (federal government jobs only)
      • Copy of your Driver's Abstract

Step 1: Upload your documents

  1. In the left hand menu, select the WIL Co-op / ArchPlan Co-op section, followed by the My Documents subsection.

  2. Select Upload Document to upload individual parts of your Application Package.

  3. Name your file, select the type of document, and choose the file from your computer. Select Upload Document when ready.

Upload as .pdf or Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) documents only. Document file names must not contain spaces or punctuation.

File names may contain:

  • Latin alphabetical letters (a-z, upper or lower case)
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Underscore character ( _ )
  • Must end in .pdf, .doc , .docx

Example file names:

  • John_Doe_Resume_1.doc
  • Jane_Doe_Cover_Letter.pdf
  • Jane_Doe_Resume_2.docx
  • Check your document once it is uploaded to verify that the formatting was not altered by the conversion process.
  • The PDF converter may not be available during peak periods. If you have a problem converting your .doc or .docx to PDF save your document as a PDF before you upload it.

Step 2: You will create your application package as part of applying to a job under "Job Postings"

Upload a transcript to myCareer

To include a transcript as part of your job application package you must download your unofficial Dalhousie transcript:

  1. Login to Dal Online
  2. Click Web for Students
  3. Click Student Records
  4. Click Academic Record, and select Academic Record again.
  5. Once the PDF opens, make sure to save it on your computer.

Instructions for obtaining a transcript will vary for transfer and associated university students. Please contact your former / transfer university’s registrar for information.

Uploading your transcript

  1. In the left hand menu, select the WIL Co-op / ArchPlan Co-op section, followed by the My Documents subsection.

  2. Select Upload Document to upload individual parts of your Application Package.

  3. Click Upload Document and select your transcript from its saved location on your computer. Transcripts must be uploaded as a PDF file.
  • Ensure your transcript includes all university semesters and marks to date and any classes you are currently taking.
  • Under no circumstances are transcripts to be altered, including omitting information contained on the record.
  • ArchPlan students may also be asked to upload an Architecture Porfolio at this stage.

Enable email alerts for new job postings

  1. In the left hand menu, select the WIL Co-op / ArchPlan Co-op section, followed by the Job Posting subsection.

  2. Select Search Job Postings enter your search criteria and click Search Job Postings.

  3. Select Save My Search Results.

  4. Name your search, check the box to enable email notifications for new job postings that match your search criteria and click Save.

View and schedule interviews

Don’t miss an interview invitation: check your myCareer Dashboard (homepage) daily. The Co-op Office does not contact students who fail to sign up for interviews.

View interview invitations and schedule interviews:

  1. In the left hand menu, select the WIL Co-op / ArchPlan Co-op section followed by the Interviews subsection.
  2. Your interview schedule is recorded on your myCareer Dashboard.
  3. When you get an interview invitation, check for further directions to follow.
Schedule conflicts

Students are expected to attend interviews.

To reschedule an interview around a midterm or exam, contact


Interviews may be held in-person at one of the co-op offices, on-location with the employer, via telephone or using Skype.

Rank and Offer

Here’s how Rank and Offer works:

Receiving a job offer

When an employer has indicated you are their top candidate during a job search, you will receive an email notifying you to log in to myCareer to either accept or deny your job offer. Offers are time-sensitive, so be sure to check your emails daily and login immediately after getting email notification of an offer.

Accepting/declining a job offer

  • You will receive an email notifying you of a job offer via myCareer. Offers are time-sensitive; please refer to your offer email for the exact deadline.
  • Log into myCareer.
  • Click ‘Work-Integrated Learning & Co-operative Education’ on the left menu.
  • On the panel of your search term, click on the ‘Rank & Offer’ button highlighted below to view and respond to the details of your offer(s)

If you do not accept the job by the deadline your offer will expire and it will be offered to another student.

Once a job has been accepted your Work Term Record information will automatically be updated and you will be removed from the rest of the job competition.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at, or contact your Student Development Coordinator directly.

Submit your co-op job for approval

Students who find their own co-op job or are offered the opportunity to return to a previous employer must obtain Co-op Office approval:

  1. Login to myCareer and select the WIL Co-op / ArchPlan Co-op section from the left-hand menu.

  2. Scroll down to the Co-op Sequence section (bottom right-hand corner), locate the applicable term (i.e. 2020 – Winter) and click Create WTR.

  3. On the next page, enter your employment details, including the minimum of the following:
    • Salary
    • Organization / company
    • Supervisor telephone / email
    • Job description
  4. Click Save once finished.

Please send your job offer email or letter to

If you have secured a work term for longer than one semester, you must create a new Work Term Record for each semester.

Please inform your co-op supervisor that the Co-op Office will contact them to confirm your employment details before approving your job.

Download/print your work term record

  1. In the left hand menu, select the Dashboard section, followed by the Co-op tab.
  2. Under the Co-op Sequence section, select the Work Term Record you wish to print (listed chronologically by year / semester and employer name).
  3. On the next page, select the blue Print button to download a printable PDF.

Need help?

For assistance, please contact us:

Contact WIL Co-op for Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Sustainability, Architecture, and Planning Co-op and work-Integrated learning programs