Segelberg Lecture Series

The Dalhousie School of Public Administration was proud to host a series of public lectures on the intersection of public policy, spirituality and end of life issues. 

The Segelberg Trust committed a gift of $50,000 over five years to Dalhousie University's School of Public Administration to support the lecture series. "This gift will allow our School of Public Administration the opportunity to discuss the impact of spirituality and its interaction with public policy," said Dr. Fazley Siddiq, former director, School of Public Administration. "It allows us to expand our thinking beyond the traditional borders of public development." The lecture series is intended to appeal to students, the broader university community and the public.

Download the free e-book: Issues of the Ends of Life

Exploring the intersection of religious faith and public policy, this book contains the lectures of the first Segelberg Lecture Series, which was focused on The Ends of Life.

Download the PDF version of the book, Issues of the Ends of Life [899 kB]

If there is a single theme that dominates throughout, from all these differing perspectives on the nexus of public policy and spirituality in relation to death and dying, it is the importance of open and thoughtful discussion.
--Innis Christie, from the Preface