About Us

The Dalhousie Audiology Clinic at the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders provides hearing assessment services to any age group.  Self-referrals are accepted: a doctor’s referral is not required to arrange an appointment for a hearing test at the Dalhousie Audiology Clinic. There are no fees associated with this clinic. Book an appointment.

The Dalhousie Audiology Clinic is supervised by a certified clinical audiologist who is on-site at all times. Audiology students from the Masters of Science (MSc) program at the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders participate in the provision of the clinical services. Time is taken to ensure that patients receive in-depth diagnostic assessments. The Dalhousie Audiology Clinic strives to provide “patient-centred” care and counselling regarding hearing related issues. Learn more about our services.

Our location

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Dalhousie University
Sir Charles Tupper Medical Buidling
5850 College Street
2nd Floor, Room 2C01
Halifax, Nova Scotia