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Dr. Derek Rutherford presenting Joints in Action during Canadian Foundation for Innovation tour.

Research capacity has been extended in your School of Physiotherapy! Evidence based management and evaluation strategies are often on the minds of physiotherapists as they advance in today’s health care environment. It is reassuring that we in the School of Physiotherapy are trying to keep pace while looking out for tomorrow.

We are very excited to welcome Dr. Rebecca Moyer, to the school as our newest faculty member on the Physiotherapy team. As you can see, she is already making headlines in our publications list below. As we work to advance Physiotherapy academics here at Dalhousie University, research capacity is a fundamental part and we believe that it is not only the faces and accomplishments of our faculty that support this capacity. In the next decade, growing the strength of our collaborations will be a strong focus; collaborations with patients, clinicians, fellow researchers nationally and internationally to support our profession and the growing research culture in your Physiotherapy School. Stay tuned for ideas! Or if you have any, please send along. 

Publications (School of Physiotherapy faculty in bold)

Moyer, R., Wirth, W., Eckstein, F. (2017) Longitudinal changes in MRI-based measures of femorotibial cartilage thickness as a function of alignment and obesity - data from the OAI. Arthritis Care & Research. In Press.

Atkinson, H., Moyer, R., Yacoub, D., Coughlin, D., Birmingham, T. (2017) Effects of recombinant human growth hormone for osteoporosis: systematic review and meta-analysis. Canadian Journal on Aging. Jan 10:1-14. 

Saunders, T., Campbell, N., Jason, T., Dechman, G., Hernandez, P., Thompson, K., Blanchard, C.M. (2016) Objectively measured steps/day in patients With chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Physical Activity and Health 2016;13:1275-1283.

Booji,M., Richards, R., Harlaar, J., Rutherford, D., Van den Noort, J. (2016) Knee muscle activation patterns are altered in patients with moderate knee osteoarthritis during gait retraining designed to reduce the knee adduction moment. Gait and Posture 49 (Supplement 2), 71.

Friesen, C.L., Bardouille, T., Neyedli, H., Boe, S. (2017) Combined action observation and motor imagery neurofeedback for modulation of brain activity. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 10, Article 692, Read the complete article [PDF 2.2 MB].

Hurley, S.T., Rutherford, D.J., Hubley-Kozey, C.L. (2016). Effect of age and seat height on sit-to-stand transfer biomechanics and muscle activation. Physical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics. IN PRESS

Hebert, D., Lindsay P., Kirton, A., Rumney, P., Bagg, S., Bayley, M., Dukelow, S., Garnhum, M., Glasser, E., Halabi, M., Kang, E., MacKay-Lyons, M., Martino, R., McIntyre ,A., Rochette, A., Rowe, S., Salbach, N., Semenko, B., Stack, B., Swinton, L., Weber, V., Mayer, M., Verrilli, S., deVeber, G., Andersen, J., Barlow, K., Cassidy, C., Dilenge, M., Fehlings, D., Hung, R., Iruthayarajah, J., Lenz, L., Majnemer, A., Purtzki, J., Sonnenberg, L., Townley, A., Foley, N, Teasell, R.Canadian stroke best practice recommendations: rehabilitation stroke care update 2015. International Journal of Stroke 2016;11:459-84