Catherine GunnBSc,RTR,MBA

Director, School of Health Sciences/Assistant Dean, Faculty of Health, Assistant Professor, Radiological Technology


Phone: (902) 473-5435
Mailing Address: 
6th floor Bethune Building 1276 South Park St. Halifax, NS B3H 2Y9


  • BSc (McGill University)
  • RTR (Michener Institute)
  • MBA (Saint Mary’s University)

Selected publications

Tonkopi, E., Jahre Wikan, E., Hovland, T.O., Høgset, S., Kofod, T.A., Sefenu, S., Hughes-Ryan, E., d’Entremont-O’Connell, D., Gunn, C., Holter, T., Johansen, S. (2022) A survey of local diagnostic reference levels for the head, thorax, abdomen and pelvis computed tomography in Norway and Canada. Acta Radiologica. 11 (10) 1-11.

Gunn, C. and Johansen, S. (2022) Leading International Research and Educational Collaborations – A Perspective on Successful Partnerships. Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences. In press.

Johansen, S., Hauge, I., Hogg, P., England, A., Lança, L., Gunn, C., & Sanderud, A. (2018). Are Antimony-Bismuth Aprons as Efficient as Lead Rubber Aprons in Providing Shielding against Scattered Radiation? Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences, 49(2), 201-206.

Gunn, C., O'Brien, K., Fosså, K., Tonkopi, E., Lanca, L., Martins, C., Muller, H., Friedrich-Nel, H., Abdolell, M. and Johansen, S., 2019. A multi institutional comparison of imaging dose and technique protocols for neonatal chest radiography. Radiography.

Gunn, C., Johansen, S. 2019. Neonatal Chest Radiography – Comparison of Exposure Protocols in Canada and Norway. Journal of Clinical Pediatrics and Neonatal Care.


  • ARRT
  • ASRT


  • HSCE 2020  Radiation Physics
  • PHYC 6424 Special Topics in Medical Physics