Cognitive and Motor Performance Lab (CaMP)

Dr. Heather Neyedli, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

The aim of the lab is to understand and improve human performance. The Cognitive and Motor Performance Lab is located in the Dalplex at Dalhousie University. A general description of our research interests are below.

The Influence of Cognition on Movement Planning:
Research in this area looks at how attention, decision making and memory can influence and be influenced by our actions. This research uses statistical decision making theory to explore how people can select and plan actions that achieve their goal while avoiding negative outcomes. Another line of research examines how our movement trajectories can be influenced by where our attention is directed.

Neurofeedback involves measuring a person’s brain activity and presenting it back to them. We can then ask the person to change their brain activity. The hope is that this technique can be used to improve performance in healthy individuals or have a therapeutic benefits for patients.

Cognition and Performance in Applied Environments:
A soldier in a battlefield must make a rapid decision on whether to engage a target. A driver needs to be alert and quickly react to avoid an accident. This line of research takes a systems level approach to explore how people interact with technology and their environment.