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Dalhousie Electrical Engineering Professor Receives International Electrotechnical Commission's 1906 Award

Posted by Engineering Communications on December 10, 2018 in News

Thirty-seven years into his professorship at Dalhousie University, Dr. Mohamed (Mo) El-Hawary of the Electrical Engineering Department is still earning new accolades.

Dr. El-Hawary was named one of the recipients of the 2017 International Electrotechnical Commission’s 1906 Award. The 1906 Award recognizes the contributions of experts worldwide whose work on a project or activity substantially contributes to the cause of achieving international standardization. Dr. El-Hawary is part of the largest single class of Canadians to receive the award in a single year (for 2017, eight experts nationwide received this honour, out of 184 global honorees).

Dr. El-Hawary was recognized for contributions and long-standing leadership in the development of international standards in wave, tidal, and other water current converters for marine energy generation: a vital contribution in the effort to achieve sustainability in global energy production.

In particular, Dr. El-Hawary’s efforts focus on two standards: PT 626000-30, for which he serves as co-project leader, and MT 62600-1, for which he serves as co-convenor. Through these two roles, Dr. El-Hawary has acted as a champion for international efforts to establish global standards for both the power quality of marine energy generation efforts and the terminology used to communicate among practitioners in the field.

You can learn more about Dr. El-Hawary’s current and past research on his personal website.

You can learn more about the work of the International Electrotechnical Commission on their official site.