Capstone Conference 2021 Posters


2021 Dalhousie Engineering Capstone Conference

The Faculty of Engineering's Capstone Program gives students the opportunity to bring together all of their previous years’ studies and apply their knowledge to solve a design problem. All engineering students participate in an eight month capstone project in their final year of studies.

Most of our capstone projects are sponsored by clients from industry who have presented acurrent problem of theirs which requires a technical solution. Capstone is a meaningful program to both students and industry because it integrates students' course work and engineering design skills, while providing innovative solution for many local industrial partners.

The Dalhousie Engineering Capstone Conference (DECC) celebrates the hard work of our graduating engineering students through formal presentations and a poster exposition. At the 2021 DECC, 93 teams of students representing five engineering disciplines presented their work through a new virtual medium. 

2021 Capstone Projects

Details of the projects, including downloadable PDFs of the teams' posters, can be viewed by discipline: