Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering at the 2019 Dalhousie Engineering Capstone Conference

Civil engineers provide a major contribution to society. They design and construct the infrastructures we use every day, from the roadways we travel on to the power stations that provide our homes with electricity.

The 2019 posters presenting civil engineering capstone projects can be seen below.

2019 Civil Engineering Capstone Projects

Team Sponsor Project
Jonathan Arab, Chrissy Duggan, Nick Miller, Shakeel Siddique, Rufeng Wang Halifax Regional Municipality Beaver Bank Connector Intersection Redesign
Mohamed Bendary, Nick Kozevnikov, Nathanial MacKenzie, Simon Pellerin Halifax Regional Municipality Quinpool Road Functional Study
Ali Nazzal, Brandon Martheleur , Carrie Gilbert, Maria Morcos, Matt Glynn Mr. David McCusker and Dr. Nouman Ali  Northwest Arm Pedestrian Bridge 
Margaux McLean, Bailey Strong, Cole MacIsaac, Tieghan Williams Devin Bell, WSP Modifications to Hammonds Plains Road to Alleviate Drainage-Induced Flooding Problems
Ahmed Nasir, Oscar Moyles, Jaclyn McClelland, Liaoyuan Zhou, Soanlys Santiago Garcia Mitchelmore Engineering Company Ltd (MECO) East Lake Dam Structures Upgrade
Mitch Abbott, Thomas Bucher, Enrique Lorenzo, Julian Loveless, Zehao Yan  Saint Mary's Harbour Hydroelectric Plant
Ahammed Latif, Allan Beaton, Joshua Takenaka, Rishab Verma Atlantic Hydro Design of a mini hydroelectric plant for Mary’s Harbour region
Kelly Hines, James Wang, Brian Howell, Banghe Yue CBCL Ltd. Varner #2 Bridge Replacement
Brady Rodgers , Oscar Wanli Jiang, Shuyi Yang , Mathew Walker , Abdullah Kassem  CBCL Ltd. Offshore Supply Base 
Hannah O'Brien, Patrick Lemal, Jonny Houston, Hamzeh Khammash CBCL Ltd. Dalhousie Fitness Center Addition
Justin Thomas, Austin Kennedy, Ahmed Abdullah, Yuyuan Wang, Zhiyuan Yang New Brunswick Department of Transportation (Dr. Hany El Naggar) York County Medium-Span Bridge
Ahmed Hamad, Sam Balcom, Jeremy  Wyatt, Davis Quinn BGC Engineering Inc. Design  of a Tailings Storage  Facility 
Alex Place, Omar El-Ajou, Mohamed Sherif, Zibin He 6-Storey Mixed Use Concrete Building
Ryan Power, Cedric Rosemond, Omar Yousef, Will Nelson Penhorn Lake Area Pedestrian Arch Bridge
Riley Guest, Mitchell Maynard, Joshua Whitfield, Isaac Zyto-Klassen Valley Regional Hospital Foundation and Geotechnical Design
Kathryn Smith, Paolo Mont, Jeffrey Leonard, Nicole Deveau, Alex Ayton Confined Disposal Facility Design