Dr. Angela Siegel

Associate Vice-President Academic (Acting)

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Email: siegel@Dal.ca
Mailing Address: 

Location: Room 207

Faculty of Computer Science
Dalhousie University
6050 University Avenue
PO BOX 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Combinatorial game theory
  • Graph theory
  • Computer science education
  • Student transition into CS 1
  • Inclusive teaching
  • Number theory
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Mathematical logic
  • Mathematics of computing
  • Ph.D. Mathematics (Combinatorial Game Theory) - Dalhousie University (2011)
  • M.Sc. Mathematics – Dalhousie University (2005)
  • B.Sc. Mathematics & Marine Geophysics (1997)

Published in refereed journals

  • Larsson, Urban, McKay, Neil A, Nowakowski, Richard J, Siegel, Angela A, Wythoff partizan subtractionInternational Journal of Game Theory, 1-40 (Springer, 2018)
  • Siegel, A.A. and M. Zarb, Further exploration into the concerns of first year Computing students transitioning from secondary schoolITiCSE (submitted)
  • Larsson, Urban, McKay, Neil A, Nowakowski, Richard J, Siegel, Angela A, Finding Golden Nuggets by ReductionarXiv preprint arXiv:1510.07155 (2015)
  • Brown, JI, Cox, D, Hoefel, A, McKay, N, Milley, R, Nowakowski, RJ, Siegel, AA, Polynomial profiles of placement gamesPreprint (2013)
  • McKay, N.A., R.J. Nowakowski, and A.A. Siegel., The Gods play Maze.Proceedings of the Recreation Mathematics Colloquium 1, Evora, 2009. (2009)
  • Nowakowski, RJ, Siegel, AA, Partizan geography on Kn x KnINTEGERS: ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF COMBINATORIAL NUMBER THEORY, Volume 7, Issue 2, A29(2007)
  • Mesdal, GA, Ottaway, Paul, Simplification of partizan games in misere playIntegers, Volume 7, G06 (2007)
  • Nowakowski, Richard J, Siegel, Angela A, The lattice of option-closed gamespreprint

Book chapters

  • Zarb, Mark, Siegel, Angela A, An Analysis of Pupil Concerns Regarding Transition into Higher EducationResearcher Links Workshop: Higher Education for All, p.: 3-16, 2017
  • McKay Neil, Nowakowski Richard J, Siegel Angela A, Navigating the MAZEGames of No Chance 4, Volume 63, p. 183, Cambridge University Press, 2015
  • G.A. Mesdal III*, Partizan SplittlesGames of No Chance III, Proc. BIRS Workshop on Combinatorial Games, p. 447-461, 2005, 10.1017/cbo9780511807251.023
  • *Nom-de-plume for the 12 authors: Michael Albert, Elwyn Berlekamp, William Fraser, J. P. Grossman, Richard Guy, Matt Herron, Lionel Levine, Richard Nowakowski, Paul Ottaway, Aaron Siegel, Angela Siegel, and David Wolfe.
  • Brown, J.I., D. Cox, A. Hoefel, N.A. McKay, R.J. Nowakowski, and A.A.
  • Siegel, Polynomial profiles of placement gamesGames of No Chance Edition 5 (in press)

Magazine entries

Conference presentations

  • Zarb, M., A.A. Siegel and J. Lytwynenko, Exploring concerns surrounding transition into HE ComputingInternational Enhancement in Higher Education Conference, United Kingdom, Glasgow Conference Date: June 8, 2017
  • Siegel, Angela A, Zarb, Mark, Student Concerns Regarding Transition into Higher Education CSProceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, Page Range: 23-28, (2016) Conference Date: June 15, 2016
  • Siegel, A.A. and M. Zarb, Enhancing the first year student induction into Computing Science & Digital MediaRGU Learning & Teaching Conference, United Kingdom, AberdeenConference Date: May 4, 2016
  • Siegel, A.A. and M. Zarb, Facilitating first year student transitions into HE computing using LEGO MindstormsHEA STEM Conference, Nottingham, UK Conference Date: January 28, 2016
  • Siegel, A.A. and M. Zarb, Supporting computing students transitioning into the workplace (workshop)SICSA Computing at School Scotland 2015 conference, United Kingdom, Dundee Conference Date: November 7, 2015
  • Siegel, A.A., Cutting down the numbersIntegers Conference, Georgia, CarrolltonConference Date: October 15, 2009
  • Siegel, A.A., Cricket Pitch & Roll-the-LawnEast Coast Combinatorics Conference, Canada, St. John, NS Conference Date: May 1, 2009
  • Siegel, A.A, Finite Excluded Subtraction Sets of Order East Coast Combinatorics Conference, Canada, Antigonish, NS Conference Date: May 1, 2008
  • Siegel, A.A, Infinite GeographyIntegers Conference, Georgia, Carrollton Conference Date: October 27, 2005
  • Mesdal III, GA, Partizan splittlesGames of No Chance III, Proc. BIRS Workshop on Combinatorial Games, Page Range: 447-461, (2005) Conference Date: June 15, 2005
  • Carder, K.L., C. Hu, and A.A. Strub*, Application of a semi-analytic SeaWiFS algorithm for chlorophylla and GelbstoffAmerican Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Mexico, Santa Fe Conference Date: January 1999
  • Cattrall, C., A.A. Strub*, and K.L.. Carder, In situ Radiometric Determination of an Optical Model of Long-Range Saharan Dust for Use in Ocean Color ImageryOcean Optics XIV, Kona, HI Conference Date: January 1998
  • Carder, K.L., F.-I.R. Chen, C. Cattrall, and A.A. Strub*, Detecting Desert Saharan Dust Storms Using SeaWiFS ImageryOcean Optics XIV, Kona, HI Conference Date: January 1998
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