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The College of Continuing Education also offers continuous enrolment courses that can be taken at any time at your own pace. 

Structured Project Management This course is for students who have completed Project Management Fundamentals and have not taken The Project Manager's Toolkit: Project Initiation and Planning and The Project Manager's Toolkit: Project Execution, Control and Closing. Start Date: Feb. 24
Public Policy and Strategic Financial Management The purpose of this course is to understand the policymaking process and the role of financial accounting and accountability within the context of the policy process. Start Date: March 1
Human Resource Management and Diversity The purpose of this course is to examine human resource management within the public sector, and understand concepts of diversity, inclusion and equity within the context of human resources.  Start Date: March 1
Leading from the Middle This course will look at how leaders think, how they interact with their teams and how they gain the support of their stakeholders.  Start Date: March 3
Project Management Essentials This course provides new project managers and project team members the essential tools they need to deliver successful projects.  Start Date: March 3
Theories of Adult Learning By using an experiential learning model, you will practice identifying the theory behind a given program, you will compare key "schools of thoughts" about adult learning, define your own theory of adult learning and look at its implications for programs you design. Start Date: March 8
Collaboration & Leading Team This course is built on the premise that in today’s fast-paced higher education marketplace, institutions are increasingly relying on collaborative work to integrate and align their human resources, better tap into the external environment, adapt a flexible stance, innovate, and achieve a competitive advantage.  Start Date: 
March 8
Change Management Foundation Plus Practitioner (CMP) Certification This Change Management course will prepare you to challenge two certification programs available through APMG International. It will provide practical knowledge on change management techniques, as well as the Foundation™ and Practitioner™ certifications  Start Date:
March 15
Comprehensive Project Management: Core Skills After completing this course, you will return to your workplace qualified to improve your organization’s PM process. Many people who have taken our course have gone on to a high-profile position in their organization. Start Date:
March 22
Strategic Decision Making In this course, we will examine what strategic decisions are, how effective decisions are made, the obstacles that challenge decision effectiveness, and mechanisms with which to combat the challenges. Start Date:
March 22
Introduction to Leadership An introduction to leadership as a lifelong practice, this course focuses on practical and applied approaches to strategy, continuous improvement of leadership skills, change management, and behaviours that are beneficial to foster and those it is best to avoid. Start Date:
March 22