Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate Program

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is an advanced set of quality tools applied in a structured way to improve an organization’s processes, and the services or products produced by those processes. The result of LSS projects range from improved quality and speed to decreased costs; from improved customer satisfaction to improved employee morale and engagement.

Lean Six Sigma changes the game. Since the mid-1980s, the most successful organizations have used it to enable people across an organization to make a direct difference through the use of sound business processes aligned with strategy for the benefit of the customer. Problems are identified, fixed, and stay fixed.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

LSS Green Belts are individuals who lead projects using DMAIC (Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control) methodology, team leadership skills, change leadership skills, project management skills, quantitative and qualitative analysis tools, and innovative thinking to work with others to improve the organization’s quality, speed, and costs for the benefit of the customer.

Certificate program requirements and rewards

Upon completion of the classroom portion of the program, participants will be awarded a Dalhousie University Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate acknowledging their Green Belt-level knowledge of Lean Six Sigma methodology tools and techniques. Requirements include:

  1. Complete pre-class reading assignments;
  2. Attend all three classroom modules (total of 9 days);
  3. Complete online quizzes between classes; and,
  4. Complete exercises between classes.

Participants also have the opportunity to take the QualityAmerica Green Belt Certification Exam at no additional charge. Participants who complete the exam will be awarded QualityAmerica’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification without Projects.

Who should attend

Those who wish to:

  • Lead projects that drive quality, speed, cost-savings, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction;
  • Become more effective at solving complex or recurring problems;
  • Align strategy with execution;
  • Develop leadership capabilities.

Participants may be from any type of organization, any department within the organization, and from any level. Class examples will be tailored to reflect the types of organizations participants work within.

Participant requirements

Participants are required to bring a laptop computer each day of classroom training.

Parts of the program will focus on the development of statistical analysis skills. The Minitab software will perform the actual math – you will not be required to calculate by hand!  However, those who are new to statistical concepts (or who have not seen them for a number of years) must be prepared to spend some additional time on the pre-class reading assignments and the post-class practice exercises.

Due to the interactive and quick-paced nature of the class, full attendance is required for each of the nine classroom days. Any exceptions must be pre-cleared with the instructor, except in the case of emergencies.

Fees and resources provided

Certificate Program Fee: $3995 (tax exempt)
from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Day 1 - registration/check-in will start at 8:00 a.m. with sessions to begin at 8:30 a.m. and adjourn at 4:30 p.m. Days 2-3 will commence at 8:30 a.m. and adjourn at 4:30 p.m. There will be a 15 minute mid-morning and afternoon breaks. A light lunch is included from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m.

Our Lean Six Sigma training materials are provided by Quality America.  They have been licensed by colleges and universities worldwide for fifteen years. Paul Keller, President of Quality America and content developer for the company, was in the select group of industry experts who developed the ASQ Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. He has also authored a number of highly-respected Lean Six Sigma books, published by McGraw-Hill.

The Certificate fee includes classroom instruction, two textbooks, participant manuals, excel and Minitab data files, temporary access to Minitab software, access to interactive online study guide, online Knowledge Centre, Glossary and References, project tools and templates, email support between classes, proctored QualityAmerica exam (optional: not required for Dalhousie certificate; required for QualityAmerica Green Belt certification), lunches, refreshments,

In addition, two hours of private, individualized Black Belt coaching is included in the program fee. Coaching will be provided by the program instructor, a General Electric-trained-and-certified Black Belt. Each candidate can use this coaching at any stage of their DMAIC project within one year of completion of the classroom training. Most will find that it is sufficient to see them through to the end of the “Define” stage of their DMAIC project.

If your organization has in-house Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, they will be able to coach you through the remainder of your project.

If your organization does not have in-house Black Belts, we recommend you consider purchasing a Black Belt coaching package through Dalhousie University. Our instructor (a General Electric-certified Black Belt) will provide 8 hours of private, individualized coaching within one year of completion of the classroom training. The cost of this 8-hour coaching package is $1395 + HST. In addition to the 2 hours of coaching included with the program fee, this will provide a total of 10 hours of coaching. Many participants will find that this is sufficient to complete their project.  However, should additional hours be required, they can be purchased on an hourly basis at the package per-hour rate

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Coaching Package (optional): $1395 + HST

Sep 29, 2020 to Dec 03, 2020 from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Optional Coaching