Introduction to Employment Services

Building capacity for career specialists

The Introduction to Employment Services (IES) certificate program offers both new and experienced career service providers four online courses that are designed to expand knowledge of, and appreciation for, the foundations of career development services in Canada.

The Introduction to Employment Services certificate program consists of four online courses. Enroll in the full certificate program or take individual courses to meet your needs. Please use the online registration on the program/course page to reserve your seat. If you have questions regarding any of our offerings, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your selection.

The four Courses in the Introduction to Employment Services certificate program are:

IES courses are delivered online using Brightspace.

Addresses core competencies

The courses are designed to help career development specialists build core competencies as outlined in the Canadian Standards and Guidelines (S&Gs) for Career Development Practitioners. The S&Gs competencies addressed in this series are:

C1 Professional Behaviour

C1.1 Adhere to the Code of Ethics and the Ethical Decision-Making Model.
C1.2 Demonstrate a commitment to professional development
C1.3 Use analytical skills

C2 Interpersonal Competence

C2.2 Communicate Effectively

C3 Career Development Knowledge

C3.1 Describe how human development models relate to career development
C3.2 Describe major career development theories
C3.3 Describe how change and transition affect clients moving through the career process.
C3.4 Describe how life roles and values impact career development
C3.5 Identify major components of the career planning process.

Who will benefit?

IES courses will be of benefit to individuals working in the broad field of career development in such roles as:

  • career counsellors
  • employment counsellors
  • career educators
  • career coaches
  • career development practitioners
  • career management practitioners
  • job developers
  • human resource professionals

It will also benefit those who want to enter the field.

Adult learning model

At the College of Continuing Education we have a long history of working with adult learners. Building on the principles of adult learning and teaching, the Introduction to Employment Services certificate courses combine theory and practice through reflective, experience-based activities, assignments and online forums. Participants will learn from each other’s shared experience as well as from the instructors.

Delivery format

The Introduction to Employment Services certificate program is delivered online using BbLearn. A computer with Internet access is required to access the course materials and assignments.

Admission requirements

There are no pre-requisite requirements for the Introduction to Employment Services certificate program or courses. Experience in the field either as a provider or receiver of services will be beneficial as the courses are designed to draw on participants’ practical experience.  Please address questions to the Program Director.


The IES program is designed for busy adult learners, so it is spread out over the year to ensure that the work load manageable. Each course runs 2-3 months.


Tuition: $1580

Individual Courses: $395

Payment in full is required a minimum of three weeks in advance of the course start date.

Registration and Payment