Our Alumni

Recent Graduate Programs Alumni

Stef Peel (MA 2020) is now a medical student at Dalhousie University. Read about her MA research.

Hailie Tattrie (MA 2020) is now a PhD student in Educational Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University. Read about her MA research: 

Diana Lewis (PhD 2018) is now a professor in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Environmental Health Governance at Guelph University. Read about her ongoing research:

Tameera Mohamed (BA Hons 2015; MA 2018) is now the Cultural Diversity Advisor at the University of Guelph. Listen to her being interviewed about her MA research and learn about her current position.

Recent Undergraduate Alumni

Charisma Grace Walker (BA Hons 2019) Director of Opportunity and Belonging at NSCAD.

George Woodhouse (BA) 2014 Nature Connector and Musician.

Jeremy Dutcher BA 2013 Wins Polaris Music Prize.

Rebecca Thomas (BA Hons) 2009 and MA 2012 Halifax' Poet Laureate 2017, and  featured on CBC.