Minor Program in Chinese Studies 

The Chinese Studies program at Dalhousie has grown tremendously, starting with an introductory language class and expanding to offer a range of advanced language classes as well as offerings in Chinese literature and culture, Asian thought, religion, cinema, and economics. Starting in July 2013, students can potentially add a minor in Chinese Studies to their degree.

A minor in Chinese Studies is an excellent interdisciplinary complement to a course of studies at Dalhousie or King’s in any area of arts, social sciences, sciences, or other programs. Students will attain a solid foundation for further academic, professional, and/or personal explorations of this fascinating culture, its history, and its complex relationship to other parts of Asia as well as to the West.

In addition to the departmental requirements listed below, students must
satisfy the requirements outlined in the Degree Requirements section of the undergraduate calendar.

Why study Mandarin Chinese?

  • Spoken by over a billion people, Mandarin is used widely in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.
  • It is one of the five official languages of the United Nations.
  • Studying Mandarin will help prepare you to work, travel or study in Mainland China and other Chinese-speaking regions in Asia.
  • Mandarin is one of the fastest growing courses at Dal. Four Mandarin classes will be offered beginning in September 08: two beginner, one intermediate and a new advanced class.
  • At Dalhousie, we don't just teach you the Mandarin language, we immerse you in Chinese culture. You will explore Chinese customs, history and civilization.
  • Mandarin students enjoy the class' "fun factor." They have participated in Chinese New Year celebrations, put on a fashion show, enjoyed calligraphy lessons, listened to Chinese music, took in movie nights and joined in the Chinese Conversation Circle.