Special Editions

Physical copies of the books are available free of charge. For more details, contact Jerry White (Jerry.White@Dal.ca), former Director of the Centre for European Studies.

Films gaèlics a Catalunya
Scannáin Ghaelacha sa Chatalóin

In September 2014, the Filmoteca de Catalunya, in collaboration with the Irish Film Institute, staged a week-long retrospective of important films in Irish Gaelic, films that were subtitled in Catalan especially for the programme. The Centre for European Studies, collaborating with the Department of Irish at University College Dublin, produced a bi-lingual catalogue raisonné that explained the significance of each of the films in the programme. Download the catalogue here (824k).

Global / Local Film: Working Papers from the 2014
Dalhousie – Sorbonne Nouvelle Summer Institute in Film Studies

Le cinéma entre le global et le local: Papiers de travail de
l’Institute d’été 2014 d’études cinématographiques
Dalhousie – Sorbonne Nouvelle

In July 2014, Dalhousie University hosted a Summer Institute in Film Studies, devoted to the topic “Global/Local Film.” It was a collaboration between Dalhousie and Université de Paris​ 3 – Sorbonne nouvelle, with whom Dalhousie had signed a memorandum of understanding in 2012. What is between these pages is not a “proceedings” in the manner of a document that records everything that happened over the course of an event. Rather, we are thinking of these as “working papers,” as contributions to scholarship that we hope will lead to new kinds of connections being forged between students of cinema in Canada and France. Download the pdf here (9.5 mB).

En juillet 2014, l’Université Dalhousie a accueilli l’Institut d’été d’études cinématographiques, sous le thème « le cinéma entre le local et le mondial - Local /global film ».  Cet évènement s’inscrivait dans le cadre d’une collaboration entre l’Université Dalhousie et l’Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3; la première ayant conclu avec la seconde un protocole d’entente en 2012.  Les contenus des pages que nous proposons ici ne sauraient être perçus comme des « actes de colloque », à l’instar d’un document qui rassemble toutes les communications présentées au cours d’un événement de ce genre. En réalité, nous considérons ces articles comme des « documents de travail », une contribution à l’avancement des connaissances qui, nous l’espérons, déboucheront sur l’établissement de nouvelles formes de liens et de collaboration entre les chercheurs au Canada et en France. Téléchargez le pdf ici (9,5 mB)

The mountains, the oceans, and the metropolis:
Notes on John Akomfrah’s
The Nine Muses


The mountains, the oceans, and the metropolis: Notes on John Akomfrah’s The Nine Muses [.pdf 4.7 MB] introduces and contextualizes Akomfrah’s film. The book contains three essays by Halifax-based film teachers. One by Jennifer VanderBurgh that explores Akomfrah’s relationship to archive and canon, one by Darrell Varga that discusses the film in relation to the documentary form and one by Jerry White that situates the film in terms of the concerns of the Black Audio Film Collective Included also in the book is a reprinted text by Sukhdev Sandhu, originally written for the British film magazine Sight & Sound, about Akomfrah’s Mnemosyne, a three-screen video installation from which The Nine Muses took its form.

A Film About the Sea:
Notes on Allan Sekula and Noël Burch’s
The Forgotten Space



A Film About the Sea: Notes on Allan Sekula and Noël Burch’s The Forgotten Space [.pdf 4.6MB], offers a comprehensive reading of the complexities of The Forgotten Space as well as several entry points into the film. The book includes a text that Sekula and Burch published together in the British political magazine New Left Review as well as a reprint of film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum’s article on the film. Additionally, there are three essays by Jennifer VanderBurgh, Darrell Varga and Jerry White that respectively treat the essayistic, political and theoretical aspects of The Forgotten Space.