Canadian Universities and Colleges with Organic Programs

Several institutions in Canada have credit courses or programs in Organic Agriculture that are offered on-site. The following is a list of those currently available, along with links to the course/program description.

British Columbia

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia offers a course and a practicum in sustainable agriculture. For more information, please see:

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Kwantlen Polytechnic University offers a Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Agriculture. The program provides a core focus on sustainable production methods and contemporary agricultural issues through a unique combination of classroom and farm-based learning. Students participate in farm management as well as community-based research and internship.


University of Manitoba

Agroecology specializes in the management and conservation of our natural and agricultural resources. Agroecologists develop environmentally friendly weed, insect and disease controls and also help farmers conserve their land and protect Canada’s wildlife and water supply.


University of Guelph

The Certificate in Organic Agriculture (first offered in Fall 2018) provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of organic agricultural systems in the broader context of societal needs and developments. This broad perspective will enable students to investigate how societal changes shape the agriculture and food value chain in general and with regard to specific requirements, such as certification of organic agricultural and food production practices and standards.


Trent University

Trent University's Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Program offers two degree options: an Honours B.Sc. in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Science, and an Honours B.A. in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Studies.

Fleming College

Fleming College offers a Sustainable Agriculture program that is designed for new and beginner farmers seeking an intensive, applied learning experience in sustainable, ecological or natural farming methods.

Durham College

Durham College's Food and Farming program offers a hands-on opportunity to become familiar with the concepts of food production.

St. Lawrence College

St. Lawrence College offers a certificate that explores the practices, principles and philosophies involved in local food system development. The focus is on increasing both academic and hands-on knowledge of regional food initiatives across Canada, alongside international best practices.


McGill University

McGill University's MacDonald campus offers a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Environmetal Sciences with a specialization in Ecological Agriculture.


Bishop's University

Bishop’s University offers three different program options:

  • Bachelor of Arts with Dual Specialization in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (120 credits)
  • A minor in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems which can be added to any Bachelor’s degree (24 credits)
  • A stand-alone certificate in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (30 credits)

Atlantic Canada

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University's Faculty of Agriculture Extended Learning Program offers a Certificate of Specialization in Organic Agriculture.


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